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VIM Responds to Presstek's Complaint in Germany

Press release from the issuing company

May 21, 2008 – VIM Technologies Ltd. will  continue to vigorously defend itself against baseless patent infringement claims asserted by Presstek, Inc., including claims filed in the United States and more  recently in Germany 

Already, VIM has responded sharply to the complaint filed by Presstek, Inc. in the International Trade Commission (ITC), pointing out in extensive detail why VIM's digital printing plates do not infringe Presstek's asserted patents and explaining how Presstek's patents are invalid and unenforceable, and should never have been asserted against VIM in the first place. 

Avigdor Bieber, founder and CEO of VIM, said "We are confident that the courts will see clearly that VIM has not infringed any of Presstek's patents and that the patents at issue are invalid and unenforceable, and we trust that the digital printing industry will see through Presstek's regrettable act of bringing the patent infringements claims against VIM  for what it is: a bald attempt to intimidate printers in an effort to deprive them of their fundamental right to have multiple supplies of plates."

Uncertain of its success against VIM in the United States, Presstek has recently filed an additional claim against VIM, this time in Germany.  "Knowing that Presstek can't win the battle in the marketplace, Presstek seems intent on fighting its battles in the courtrooms around the world.  We are confident that VIM will prevail in both arenas," said Mr. Bieber.  

 VIM will continue to sell and provide its customers with a choice of better and more economical plates, a choice that the industry has deserved for many years. "

Mr.  Bieber added, "In light of VIM's firm response to Presstek's complaints, digital printing companies should feel confident that they can continue to use VIM's digital plates without fear of Presstek or its invalid and unenforceable patents".

VIM is a leader in the field of digital printing plates and related imaging products that significantly increase the profitability of offset printing. By combining an innovative approach, state of the art technologies, and many years of research and development experience, VIM digital printing plates expand the profitability of digital press offerings by enabling higher quality output and capacity utilization in both short and long print runs.