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XMPie Enhances Ustore V2.2 Software To Improve Workflow Efficiency

Press release from the issuing company

BOSTON, April 17 2007 – AIIM/ON DEMAND — XMPie, www.xmpie.com, is showcasing the latest version of its extendable Web-to-Print solution, uStore v2.2; specifically redeveloped to incorporate the best ideas and feedback from its customers. uStore v2.2 allows print service providers, creative agencies, and corporate marketing departments to quickly set up branded, e-commerce enabled, online stores for ordering highly personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns and documents. The new 2.2 version is infused with ideas gathered from XMPie’s diverse and expansive customer base to provide additional customization options and to better meet their overall business needs. As a result, uStore v2.2 provides users with advanced features that help them work smarter, streamline their workflow, and maximize the operational efficiency of each campaign for their customers. One such key contributor and a long-term, leading-edge customer is Illinois-based digital printer Yoffi Digital Press; who has already benefited from uStore v2.2. “The new features of uStore supply us with incredible improvements to our workflow and cost savings that we can then pass on to our customers,” said Stefan Agustsson, the technical/production principal at Yoffi and the president of the XMPie Users Group. “XMPie provides an environment that is very conducive to active participation and collaboration from its users.” Enhanced features of uStore v2.2 include: - Job Aggregation – Multiple, individual print job orders can be merged into a single print stream and sorted by a data point. Yoffi uses this feature to consolidate between 70 and 200 orders of varying quantities into a single print job sorted by zip code. This cuts down the number of print runs each day to an average of only five. Yoffi is able to use its digital press more efficiently and take advantage of postal discounts for all orders, even those that are too small to qualify on their own. - Database Recipient List – uStore can now connect directly to an SQL database. Through this interface, uStore users can sort and filter customer information based on a multitude of parameters in real time. Yoffi employs this feature for its customer Helios, a tanning salon point-of-sale software provider that uses uStore to provide marketing campaigns to its customers. Yoffi connects uStore to Helios’ CRM software so that each store owner can select the appropriate recipient data for each promotion. - Plug-in Architecture – XMPie expanded uStore’s plug-in architecture, which allows XMPie customers to create customized plug-ins that modify and broaden the capabilities of uStore to improve workflow and enhance the user interface. Yoffi developed a “user control” that enables Helios customers to choose between standard coupon offers generated by their profile or completely customize the discount offering on a marketing campaign. - Advanced Drop-Down Lists – Users can now save and repurpose the data for drop-down lists that appear in the store interface; for example, a list of state abbreviations. This reduces the time it takes to create new online stores and products that require the same information. Yoffi saves customer profiles and lists of special offers for marketing campaigns in databases; this information can then be imported into uStore as needed. - Order ID and Product ID Variables: This capability allows users to print the Order ID and Product ID next to the document. Yoffi uses this as a quality control measure, permitting them to track multiple orders and products within a single, combined print run. “Customers are absolutely one of the most useful resources in our arsenal to improve the quality of our products and push the industry forward,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president of XMPie. “We provide a platform in which our users can directly adjust and customize XMPie software to suit their individual business model and customer needs.” The new uStore v2.2 is available immediately and will be shown at the AIIM/On Demand Conference, a major exhibition for the printing and imaging industry