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RSA's QDirect Talks to More Printers… and Listens, too!

Press release from the issuing company

Rochester, NY, October 23, 2008 -   QDirect, RSA's powerful Enterprise Output Manager has always been able to speak to a broad range of printers, but now it can listen as well!  Printers can report their status back to QDirect, allowing operators to reroute jobs accordingly.
QDirect can even take action without operator involvement!  For example, if a printer is out of paper, jobs can be automatically held or rerouted to another printer, based on business rules, job requirements, and printer capabilities.  Communication takes place using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), enabling support for countless output devices.
Printer status can be displayed to the operator, using the QDirect client interface.  A System Alert can even be configured, notifying an operator when the status changes, much like a new Instant Message or email alert.
"So many of our customers rely on QDirect to act as the 'traffic cop' for their entire enterprise's output," noted Anthony Leccese, Product Manager for Output Solutions at RSA.  "This capability gives printers the ability to 'dial 911' and alert the traffic cop to divert traffic, either automatically or with operator approval.  Of course, QDirect supports a diverse set of printers, so SNMP, an industry-standard, allows us to offer this capability for an entire enterprise."
QDirect is naturally integrated with RSA's broad and deep set of workflow software offerings, including Transform solutions (M.I.S. PrintTM, IPDSPrintTM and Make Ready Integration).  This enables centralized accounting and control of all jobs throughout an enterprise, whether they are web-based, hardcopy, network, or datacenter jobs.  RSA's solutions are available from leading printer equipment vendors.  RSA will be demonstrating QDirect and more workflow solutions at the Graph Expo Trade Show in Chicago, October 26 – 29, 2008.  For an up-to-date conference program or to register as an attendee, please visit www.GraphExpo.com.