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Press-sense to showcase iWay 5.0 at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO -- October 23, 2008 -- Press-sense today announced that Press-sense iWay 5.0 and Press-sense Manager 2.0 will be shown for the first time in the U.S. at Graph Expo 2008. Already considered the leading e-solution for commercial printers and digital service providers, the new 5.0 upgrade offers a completely new user-friendly interface and multiple features built upon an advanced infrastructure that fosters improved scalability, reduced cost of set up and unparalleled flexibility.
The new features effectively allow print service providers to entrust the bulk of their business to this robust and scalable solution by delivering new levels of efficiency within the print production workflow, while at the same time simplifying the online experience of print buying customers. Beyond a new look and feel, iWay 5.0 also offers enhancements to enable the production of catalogs tailored to clients interests, enhances variable-information production, and offers major advancements in job description parameters within the business workflow. For more information, go to http://press-sense.com/260-en/Events.aspx.
Press-sense iWay 5.0 New Features
Press-sense iWay 5.0 offers highly advanced flexibility and usability:
      Increased Print Service Provider Business Flexibility: The new version makes it easy and cost effective to setup new applications and new accounts, enabling PSPs to take their business to the next level and easily target defined vertical applications and markets and/or offer services that appeal to broader bases;
      Customized Catalogs: Enables the creation of customized product and print buyer catalogs with marketing messages, cross-sale functionality, and personalization to suit print buyers interests. Also improves and promotes a more favorable shopping experience for each clients accounts;
      Variable Information Publishing Enhancements: New navigation tools allow the PSP to prepare VI forms that are as simple or as sophisticated as his clients require;
      Job Business Flows (Job Types): New job specifications, in both concept and structure, are customizable by the print service provider. The printer can now easily define the scope of options for print buyers to choose from, and make catalog specifications that are easily understood by their client;
      Pricing: Sophisticated, yet easy to use, pricing calculation schemes enable printers to price jobs according to intent (market pricing based on a fixed price list regardless of the cost to produce). The pricing model can examine multiple options (offset, digital) and either automatically select the lowest price or allow the CSR the option to override decisions.
Press-sense Manager 2.0
Press-sense Manager is a robust extension of the iWay platform especially suited for Business Flow Automation of commercial printers and Print-on-Demand shops. This combined solution enables non-digital jobs (including images, fonts etc.), regardless of how they are received, to be integrated into the iWay web-based back-end print management system. Press-sense Manager enables CSRs to capture and control phone, fax, email, and Web orders in one place, while accelerating quoting, customer management, fulfillment and billing cycles.
Press-sense Manager 2.0 now offers:
     One platform for ordering and charging for online and offline jobs, non-print jobs and services;
     Streamlined automation to drive large volumes of jobs;
     Customer management tools, such as:
         A dashboard for instant visibility into business status;
         Managed account groups and account activities;
         Managed tracking of quick sales and walk-in customers;
         Easy asset management for linking customers and jobs.
     Quoting and Invoicing innovations enable:
         Automatic quote generation within minutes;
         Strong estimation functionality;
         Easy outsourcing, and receiving bids;
         Complete billing support for invoices, receipts, and deposits;
         Integration to external billing/accounting systems available.
     Enhanced CSR tools offer:
         Faster and easier interface;
         The ability to sell sophisticated jobs even with inexperienced CSRs;
         Added internal sales messages to CSR communications.
Press-sense Quote
The introduction of iWay 5.0 and Manager 2.0 is the culmination of several years of market experience, intense market research, and direct customer feedback, said Amir Shaked, President, Press-sense America. Our customers have told us that these enhancements strengthen their online interface while offering superior flexibility and customization tailored to their specific customer needs. The enhancements of iWay 5.0 and Manager 2.0 further support our Business Flow Automation vision and aid our customer base to further expand their web-based business platform into their mainstream business, while fortifying their leadership in the marketplace.