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KBA in Radebeul adopts flow production for printing units

Press release from the issuing company

(May 13, 2008) The conversion early this year of KBA Radebeul's Rapida 105 printing unit assembly line from a stationary to a timed conveyor system with UGVs has delivered a 20 per cent saving in pure assembly times and a 40 per cent saving in total throughput time. This, together with more efficient logistics, has substantially increased manufacturing capacity for KBA's popular medium-format presses.

The printing units are now assembled on mobile platforms which are conveyed through an assembly line comprising 14 workstations, each with a predefined remit. The granite platforms are both level- and height-adjustable to ensure maximum assembly quality. The UGVs have inductive sensors and are halted at each workstation by a signal emitted by a transponder. They are driven by electric motors whose batteries can be charged at every fourth workstation. The assembly line is equipped and configured to handle all the possible options available for the Rapida 105 such as inking units with DriveTronic SPC dedicated drives etc. 

The delivery of parts and subassemblies to the workstations is organised on a just-in-time basis. A handy cart contains all the tools and equipment required for each station, while specialised manipulators and an overhead crane are provided at workstations that handle large parts.

The new assembly line operates in two shifts with highly flexible working hours and rest times, which makes for even greater efficiency.