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Print Science launches Pakproof proofing system

Press release from the issuing company

Kittery, April 15 2008 - Print Science has launched its new Pakproof proofing system designed for the packaging design and printing industry.

Packaging is one of the few market segments that has not yet shifted to ink-jet proofing. This is principally due to the inability of ink-jet proofers to accurately reproduce special colors such as Pantone colors. Pakproof is a unique ink-jet proofing system that can accurately reproduce these special colors.

Pakproof uses a completely standard Epson printer with 3 ink cartridges removed and replaced by Orange, Violet and Green. With this modified ink set, Pakproof has a color space that is 25% larger than the color space of the standard Ultrachrome K3 ink set. Most importantly, Pakproof can print all 12 Pantone primary colors and can accurately print the vast majority of other Pantone colors.

Pakproof uses a new method developed by Print Science for creating multi-color ICC profiles. During calibration, Orange, Violet and Green are treated in exactly the same way as standard CMY so that these extra colors can be used to produce smooth color blends, vignettes and degradées.

"Pakproof is the first ink-jet proofing system that allows packaging designers to make proofs that accurately display the special colors in the design." says John Weissberg, President of Print Science, "Finally the market has a low-cost alternative to proofing systems such as the Kodak Approval."

Pakproof will first be displayed at the Digital Proofing for Flexography seminars held at Clemson University May 13-16. Pakproof will also be displayed at Print Science's booth tat the DRUPA exhibition.