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Impostrip Barcode Keeping track of paper in a digital world

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, April 12th, 2007 Ultimate Technographics Inc, http://www.imposition.com/, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is introducing IMPOSTRIP Barcode, which will be shown for the first time at the AIIM / On Demand Show in Boston April 17-19. Visit us at booth 943, or at the HP and IBM booths, to learn more about this solution. What you can use it for? Impostrip Barcode helps solving the problem of tracking and organizing paper in a digital world. Once something is printed to paper is no longer “digital”, it has been converted to a static analog print. Locating it, organizing it, determining what job it is, what customer it belongs to can be a challenge, that is particularly unprofitable in a digital print environment where the job maybe one impression, even if it can be part of a VDP run of thousands. Barcodes can also be used to pass on information to press and post-press equipment to increase accuracy of finishing operations and insure the integrity of variable documents. Barcodes can keep track of each job making sure all pages in personalized booklet do not lose a sheet because of press paper change or jams, likewise with finishing equipment. Impostrip Barcode allows users to create barcode marks that can be placed in Impostrip as any other marks. All of the barcode marks will be available in the Marks Palette and applied to Templates/Signature or sheet. Impostrip Barcode will come in two versions, one for sheet identification and one for a higher level of tracking, where each page or element can have an individual barcode. This is particularly important for web2print and personalized marketing where projects are mixed and matched together for sheet optimization. Information in the Barcode Impostrip Barcode allows users to define Impostrip Variables, like Signature Number, Color, Job Comment, Job Name, etc., plus custom variables. Variables values are calculated at printing time and converted to a barcode, which will be printed at the output in the position defined in an Impostrip Template. Mark Positioning These marks can be applied to paper anchor points or pages with the precision need. Mark Adjuster will be used to adjust the position of the barcode marks, as it is for other marks. Output Barcode Marks will be printed with the following output formats: PS, PDF, JDF, PJTF and Mockup. Impostrip Barcode is a plug-in to all of the Impostrip products. It will be shown first with Impostrip OnDemand Digital. Impostrip Barcode is a Windows product; later a Mac version will be released. True Automation The processing and printing of barcodes is supported in all of Impostrip’s automation features like Hot Folders and Dynamic Templates. Users will be able to automate their workflow using barcodes with Dynamic templates eliminating the need for hands on barcode positioning. Jobs of various trim page size and various lengths can be imposed with barcodes using the same hot folder. Integration Services for digital print automation Ultimate offers integration services to digital print customers who require linking Ultimate automation solutions to their Web2print, data bases and MIS systems. Ultimate uses simple to integrate XML interfaces, JDF and Dynamic Hot Folders to create completely automated print solutions for digital printers from job submission through printing.