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Eight Demonstration Areas in the Toyo Ink America Booth at Graph Expo Present the 'Perfect Blend' of Products

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ADDISON, Ill. September 10, 2007 -- This year marks the centennial of Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a world leader in the manufacture of pigments, inks and specialty products for the global marketplace. At Graph Expo 2007, Toyo Ink America (Booth #455) will spotlight the comprehensive lineup of sheetfed and web offset inks, overprint varnishes, adhesives and non-ink products that demonstrate the Toyo Ink organization's commitment over the past century to quality performance.
The Graph Expo booth will feature more Toyo Ink products than ever before, but visitors will have an easy time seeing everything and finding exactly what they are looking for. The huge product portfolio will be organized into eight categories with myriad samples representing those categories available in the corresponding locations.
Commercial Sheetfed Inks
Customers want to achieve the color-critical results needed for high-quality commercial sheetfed and packaging applications. Faithful color reproduction and smooth ink transfer are standout characteristics of the many formulations in the Toyo Ink commercial sheetfed line.
Top performers include HyPlus 100 Process Series, a fast-drying sheetfed ink that contains 100 percent solids for sharp dot reproduction and high mileage and zero percent petroleum oils for more environmentally sustainable print production. It will be joined by HyPlus EC, Toyo Ink's most popular process ink, which provides strong contrast, high density and low dot gain under various screening applications.
HyUnity ink dries to a very high gloss and boasts good rub resistance. It produces outstanding color and dot consistency batch-to-batch, with less color variation and better matched reprints.
HyLite combines high efficiency and low cost. The vehicle system affords a wider water window and easy key control. Customer-proven stay-open properties add to cost savings.
The 24/7 Commercial Sheetfed Ink is so versatile that it may be the only sheetfed ink a printer needs. This high-gloss ink does it all — from general commercial printing with inline coating to demanding specialty work that involves offline surface finishing.
Commercial Sheetfed Specialty Inks
Toyo Ink has custom formulated a broad range of sheetfed inks to deliver beautiful color properties, flawless finishes and incredible detail.
Aqualess Ultra Process Series, a premium process-color ink series, satisfies the unique demands of high-quality waterless printing. It easily handles the ink delivery system, temperature, roller system and plate requirements of waterless sheetfed presses and digital presses, including KBA's 74 Karat press.
Hard-drying Scuff Tuff SG Process Series inks prevent marking on difficult-to-print matte, coated or uncoated stocks. Superior rub resistance also makes Scuff Tuff ideal for labels, cartons, box wraps or any printed pieces that can be marred by rubbing against one another or against the sides of shipping containers.
Toyo Ink supplies a line of commercial sheetfed inks formulated to Pantone specifications. The Pantone Colors series delivers excellent stability, high gloss and reliable color consistency.
Graph Expo attendees can see Toyo Ink's high-quality overprint varnishes, available in high-gloss, matte and dull finishes. These easy-to-use varnishes achieve high levels of rub and setting, plus stunning visual impact that brings out the best in every printed piece.
Flexible Packaging and Label Materials
Toyo Ink's complete line of ink, adhesive and film products for high-speed flexible packaging applications produce vibrant color, versatility and reliable performance regardless of the substrate or converting process.
Taking center stage will be LioValue, solvent-based gravure inks for printing on transparent barrier films; AquaEcol, water-based gravure inks for environmentally friendly print production; IroFlex, solvent-based flexographic inks suitable for long print runs on a wide range of substrates; and AquaLiona, water-based flexographic inks that deliver high-speed, high-resolution results over a wide range of substrates.
Ultraviolet/Hybrid Inks
Toyo Ink's family of energy-curable formulations provide interesting and creative solutions for many demands coming from printers and designers.
HyBrid Process Series minimizes gloss back and roller swelling. Blankets and rollers clean up with normal washing solutions.
UV Paper Process Series offers excellent printing properties similar to general-purpose process inks. Formulations accommodate a wide variety of paper substrates and polyethylene coated stocks.
UV PST Process Series cures quickly to a hard, rub-resistant finish even at high press speeds. On-press performance exceeds customers' expectations for productivity.
UV PST Mixing Base Series features good cure speed, high-speed capabilities and stable press performance.
UV Aqualess Process Series is formulated for paper substrates, as well as some pretreated plastics. It can be used for printing phone cards, prepaid cards and CDs.
Specialty Pressroom Products
Toyo Ink's specialty products and accessories are tools of the trade for printers who want outstanding results while increasing productivity, enhancing efficiency and adding value to all their printed pieces.
Among the products to be showcased are TOYO KING blankets. Designed for longer life and optimum performance on sheetfed and web presses, they perform especially well with Toyo inks. Booth visitors also can see a new line of Toyo Ink ink spatulas and knives, along with double-faced tape and anti-smear film.
Designer and Color Matching Tools
For designers and printers, the standards for color are high, and Toyo Ink has the charts, books and formulas for producing brilliant, spot-on color every time.
Toyo Ink Color Chart includes two- and three-color charts, as well as black ink application charts.
Toyo 1050 Color Finder matches all 1,050 Toyo Ink colors.
Pantone Formula Guide helps printers select the precise colors for use on coated, uncoated and matte stock.
Web Press Products
Toyo Ink offers web press inks for printers who demand high-speed, high-performance, high-quality results. These inks run fast, dry fast and require less energy for drying.
K2 Heatset Process Series provides sharp printing, high contrast and excellent trapping.
TOYOWEB FPS and KPS Premium Process Series ink require less energy for drying, while affording high strength, high gloss and low dot gain.
TOYOWEB "MC" (Master Color) Series is synonymous with balanced color, stabilized viscosities and quick roll-ups.
SoyaNews is a new series of environmentally friendly coldset inks that deliver high-speed printability with a high degree of rub and scuff resistance.
Eco-Friendly Products and Programs
Commitment to developing eco-friendly products and programs is an ongoing focus at Toyo Ink. A substantial product line of low-VOC inks ensures excellent printing capabilities with added environmental benefits.
This area of the Toyo Ink booth will highlight HyPlus 100 zero-solvent inks, in addition to vegetable oil-based HyPlus EC, HyUnity and HyLite inks.
For more information about the entire Toyo Ink product line, visit Booth #455 at Graph Expo 2007, September 9-12 at Chicago's McCormick Place.
About Toyo Ink America, LLC
Established in 1976, Toyo Ink America, LLC is a leading provider of high-quality, value-added commercial printing inks and graphic arts supplies to the North American marketplace. The company has set up a unique network of distributors, pressroom specialists and sales/support experts to cover all 50 states. With computer-controlled color matching capabilities coast to coast, Toyo Ink America's commitment to quality and customer service is as vibrant and reliable as the very colors it crafts. The company's headquarters are located in Addison, Ill. For more information, see www.toyoink.com.
Toyo Ink America, LLC is a member of the Toyo Ink Group headed by parent company Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan, the fourth largest printing inks manufacturer in the world. Established in 1907, the Toyo Ink Group consists of approximately 70 subsidiaries and partners in 17 countries with 6,500 employees worldwide. For more information on Toyo Ink Manufacturing, see www.toyoink.co.jp/en/.
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