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MAN Roland debuts 3 new presses at Graph Expo - HiPrint, DirectDrive and EUROMAN

Press release from the issuing company

The industry's most comprehensive line of sheetfed and web press systems is expanding. MAN Roland is introducing three new presses to North American printers at Graph Expo - the mid-size sheetfed ROLAND 700 HiPrint and ROLAND 700 DirectDrive, and a new commercial web press called EUROMAN.
All three presses were launched at MAN Roland's Graph Expo news briefing by CEO Vincent Lapinski. "The new ROLAND 700 HiPrint is the mainstream choice for the majority of commercial printing facilities, while the new ROLAND 700 DirectDrive is designed for printers who require advanced makeready performance and long perfecting capabilities," he announced. "Scoring an industry first, EUROMAN brings the versatility and flexibility of the 4X4 web press format to commercial printers who are trying to maximize their profitability and expand their profit margins."
HiPrint Adds Value
The ROLAND 700 HiPrint is a new 41-inch press that's designed to be the ultimate in value-added printing and pressroom customization. HiPrint offers sheetfed facilities unlimited combinations of inline ad-vancements, efficiency enhancements, and printing/coating configura-tions.
To increase product value, HiPrint provides the industry's largest array of inline options. They include InlineFoiler Prindor for special effects; InlineInspector, InlineSorter and InlineObserver for improved quality control; InlineSheeter for substrate versatility and savings; and InlineCoater Smart for cost effective surface enhancement. In fact, HiPrint offers an unlimited variety of coating options and UV capabilities.
To speed production, the ROLAND 700 HiPrint can feature a 17,000 sph run rate, equipping it to print packaging, books, and other mass market items. For more productive short runs, HiPrint features printnet networking and automation as well as QuickChange options that let HiPrint purchasers choose from among ten different makeready enhancements. The German Printing and Media Industries Federation found that makeready time savings of up to 40% can be achieved with a ROLAND 700 HiPrint.
Perfecting at 13,000 sph is an option, as are a variety of coating/print unit configurations. HiPrint also handles the largest range of substrates, coatings, and inks to expand its value added capabilities.
DirectDrive Speeds Up Short Runs
MAN Roland has applied a significant measure of its industry-leading web technology to the sheetfed sector, creating the world's first sheetfed press with direct drive technology to improve pressroom productivity. Recipient of a 2007 InterTech Award, the advancement enables sheetfed pressrooms to cut their makereadies by as much as 60%.
Designated with the straightforward name "DirectDrive," the innovation powers a printing unit's plate cylinder with its own high torque motor, controlled by MAN Roland's printnet digital press operating system.
Isolating the plate cylinder from the press' main drive allows a number of time-consuming makeready chores to be completed simultaneously. For example: all of the plates can be changed on the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive at the same time, while wash-up takes place, effectively resulting in zero plate-changing time. That makes the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive ideal for short-run high-performance printers.
A second application sector for the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive consists of facilities that run long perfectors with 8, 10 and 12 printing units, which produce a high volume of work. The ROLAND 700 DirectDrive can reduce their makeready time by as much as 60 percent.
In addition, the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive's mechanical isolation of its plate cylinder endows the sheetfed press with 360° circumferential register. That enables it to accept printing plates created for presses built by different manufacturers.
A 4X4 Web Press for Commercial Printers
EUROMAN is the new commercial web press from MAN Roland that makes its trade show premiere at Graph Expo 2007. Scoring an industry first, EUROMAN brings the versatility and flexibility of the 4X4 format to commercial printers who are trying to maximize their profitability and expand their profit margins.
EUROMAN achieves those objectives by automating virtually all its makeready functions.
EUROMAN replaces the traditional double-web 38" commercial web press with a more efficient single-web, four-unit design. With its 2:3:3 folder, EUROMAN can produce 16-page quarter-folded products, 32-page quarter-folded product, 16-page tabloid product, 32-page digest products, as well as products with lower page counts.
And EUROMAN is fast. It can produce periodicals in the collect mode at the rate of 35,000 copies per hour. With its quarter folder, it can run at the rate of 60,000 cph. And with its optional double quarter folder, speeds up to 70,000 cph can be attained. Couple those high production rates with EUROMAN's exceptionally fast makereadies, and the result is a press that will improve the profitability of commercial printing facilities from coast to coast.
"In fact, six EUROMAN presses have already been purchased and are scheduled for installation in the coming months," Lapinski said. "We are proud to have the first EUROMAN installation in North America at Hi-Liter/Inland Graphics in Wisconsin."