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Color Vision Testing Products Now Available from PIA/GATF

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, PA, June 9, 2008--PIA/GATF is pleased to announce the availability of the Hardy, Rand, and Rittler (HRR) Pseudosiochromatic Test and the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. These color vision testing products aid in the identification of color vision deficiency and color discrimination, respectively.

The HRR Pseudosiochromatic Test is the most respected test for identifying color vision deficiency and is preferred by many optometric physicians because it provides the most comprehensive evaluation of color vision deficiency and can be administered more quickly with less possibility of memorization. The test includes a series of 24 plates, a brush for tracing shapes, instructions for proper testing, and scoring details to determine the type of color vision deficiency (i.e., red-green or yellow-blue).

The Farnsworth-Munsell Test is useful in measuring acute color vision discrimination and classifying those with normal color vision into above-average, average, and poor hue discrimination. This popular and respected test consists of four sets of colored chips that must be arranged in an orderly progression of hue. The test is scored by revealing the differences between the observer's arrangement of the chips and the proper order; any variations will show the inability to discriminate specific hues.

Proper color vision and discrimination is very important in the graphic arts industry. The ability to accurately distinguish between colors allows a designer, printer, or customer to identify when a color that is reproduced is an acceptable match to the original photograph, object, or concept. Color vision testing can also help assess potential employees whose positions require accurate color perception as an essential job function, such as some positions in prepress, proofing, and press operation.

The HRR Pseudosiochromatic Test (Item No. R8310) is available to purchase for $295; PIA/GATF members pay $219. The Farnsworth-Munsell Test is available for $970; members pay $725. For more information about these newly available products, go to www.qcproducts.org/colorvision or contact [email protected]