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RSA's Enterprise Workflow System is the Key to Convergence for Data Center and Network Printing

Press release from the issuing company

Rochester, NY, April 11th, 2007 – At the upcoming AIIM / OnDemand tradeshow for the Print Industry in Boston, Rochester Software Associates, Inc. (RSA) will be formally launching their Enterprise Workflow System. While this is a new offering, technically, the Enterprise Workflow System is the result of years of development and consulting. Indeed, RSA has been addressing the complex workflow needs of enterprises, large and small, through a combination of software and professional services, since 1986. Legacy data stream transform solutions such as M.I.S. Print and IPDSPrint have enabled enterprises to consolidate Data Center Transactional printing side-by-side with their publishing and network printing. To drive even more volume to the more efficient, centralized print center, RSA has delivered WebCRD and QDirect.SCAN for reliable job submission from PCs, Mac, and the Web, as well as hardcopy via Multi-Function Devices. Additional tools such as BatesPrint and CDPrint, make today’s production printers more efficient. And QDirect, RSA’s Enterprise Output Manager acts as the traffic cop for the enterprise workflow, manipulating and routing jobs as desired. Now, all of these components are available under the umbrella of RSA’s Enterprise Workflow System. “The Enterprise Workflow System really evolved from our customer base,” observed Tim Kelly, RSA’s Senior Vice President. “Our products are designed to meet the particular needs of enterprise customers. In fact, it’s quite common to have an RSA customer running multiple RSA solutions throughout their enterprise. They might want to move transactional printing from the Data Center to more efficient printers in the Print Center, so they would acquire M.I.S. Print. When customers realize that they can eliminate expensive leases on connectivity hardware by installing our Mainframe Downloader software solution for TCP/IP printing, that decision pays for itself almost immediately. Soon, because so much volume is being generated, they find a need to manage the output with QDirect. So the Enterprise Workflow System is really the culmination of responding to customer input and observing buying decisions.” “The Enterprise Workflow System also includes WebCRD and QDirect.SCAN,” noted Todd Bernhard, Director of Marketing at RSA. “These products also complement each other, enabling job submission and electronic ticketing via the web or supported Multi-Function Devices, respectively. Customers appreciate that these products work together, and are supported by a single vendor with a proven track record.” One such customer is Phil Larson, Assistant Vice President and Director of ISD Enterprise Operations at American Fidelity. Mr. Larson will be speaking at AIIM / OnDemand on Tuesday, April 17th, 3-4pm in room PSP4 on the topic of “Web to Print”. American Fidelity is one of those customers that acquired different RSA workflow solutions over time, to address multiple needs of his enterprise, one of the nation’s largest privately-held insurance institutions. American Fidelity first became an RSA customer through M.I.S. Print, to convert mainframe LCDS data streams to PostScript suitable for output on any modern Production Printer. Later came QDirect to enable enterprise-wide management of all output. American Fidelity also acquired WebCRD for web-based submission, document archiving and re-ordering. Mr. Larson’s presentation will discuss how his enterprise’s profits increased by literally millions of dollars through the application of tools including RSA’s Enterprise Workflow System. “We have a lot going on,” Larson notes, “but RSA has just been phenomenal. We spent a lot of time looking and I've gotten everything I thought I was going to get—and that can be rare.” The newest additions to the Enterprise Workflow System include PadPrint and VIPP Print, both being introduced at AIIM / OnDemand. PadPrint is a Xerox exclusive that enhances the capabilities of a Xerox 4110 Copier/Printer or Xerox 4590 Copier/Printer. PadPrint is an integrated feature on the printer console that essentially “un-collates” copies, making it a simple process to generate pads of forms or handouts with slip-sheets, a feature often use in the education market. VIPP Print adds to RSA’s roster of legacy data stream transform solutions, by taking Variable-data Intelligent PostScript PrintWare (VIPP) and converting it to PostScript for output on production printers. RSA’s successful Portal to the Print Center, WebCRD, is also getting some enhancements for the enterprise. With the Production Dashboard, Print Center Managers can, at-a-glance, keep tabs on their operation including paper stock supply and demand. Enterprises like American Fidelity depend on WebCRD every day, so to keep the system running at full speed, Production Dashboard will be invaluable. “Smart enterprises are always looking for a competitive advantage, that extra edge that helps them win,” observed Bernhard. “It’s a happy coincidence that On Demand coincides with the Boston Marathon this year. After all, RSA’s marketing theme is based on competitive sports and our excellence in multiple disciplines, much like a Decathlon contestant. Visitors to the RSA booth (#509) can even play a “Race 2 RSA” Flash game to win prizes such as a Nintendo Wii!”