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SHINOHARA Goes Pure Green At Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

(December 02, 2008) SHINOHARA USA displayed a 23X31 press using only tap water, and eliminating fountain solution. SHINOHARA printed all four days without fountain solution while producing some very impressive results. In addition to the obvious true green factor, there are many more huge advantages in eliminating chemicals from the water system:  It is certainly easier on the rollers, it will print a much sharper dot, there is little chance of emulsification, and since the ink has more density you will use less of it. Consequently, if the paper and ink are not saturated with chemicals, drying will be much faster. Thus eliminating the cost of fountain solution.

Since SHINOHARA was busy eliminating chemistry from the printing process, they decided not to stop there. They eliminated the use of wedges in the feeder as well.  With the introduction of the all new WEDGEND feed board to the press, the use of the operator’s worst friend, is gone for good!  This system eliminates the guesswork in loading the feeder.  It's so powerful it can adjust a full stack of 23x31 paper in six positions effortlessly. You can even lift the center front where you could never place a wedge in the past. There is no such thing as a hard to reach area. While WEDGEND greatly reduces feeder stops due to uneven paper, it also reduces waste; especially on sheets that have already been printed on the first side.

"So you CAN print lean while going green"