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Breaking Ground at Arandell Corporation

Press release from the issuing company

Menomonee Falls, WI - (August 15) – Arandell Corporation, one of North America’s top catalog printers, announced that the Village of Menomonee Falls approved a 106,596 square foot addition to the existing “mega” plant. The expansion will bring the building’s total square footage to 565,325. The building addition will be the new home to the company’s fifth perfect binder and future home to all of the perfect binding equipment.  This will allow for the next wave of expansion for the press room, bindery and logistics divisions.
In recent news, companies within the print industry have sought growth through mergers and acquisitions, often leaving their clients in the dark about who they are working with. Information Systems infrastructures do not mesh, cultures do not blend and employees from all involved organizations become confused and restless about what their futures hold. Arandell hopes that by expanding its business internally, associates and clients will be excited about the opportunities that the addition brings.
The print industry has become extremely complex over the past several years. “We are no longer a printer,” says Jim Treis, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We are a data converter, transforming graphical and lifestyle data into ink on paper.” With this increased complexity, comes less of a dependence on machinery, and heavier reliance on the brains behind the machines. “Anybody can purchase a piece of print or finishing equipment,” according to Treis, but “the equipment’s output and efficiencies are dependent upon the quality of the human capital that has the knowledge to make the equipment run…and run well.”
Although the building expansion will significantly increase the company’s print, finishing and storage capacity, even more important is the number of jobs that Arandell will be able to add. The buzz throughout the print industry (and most industries, for that matter) right now is how to do more with less. Arandell wants to do more and do it better…the associates are the ones who make that happen. Adding more knowledge will contribute to production efficiencies, problem solving and strategizing for future business growth.
Arandell prides itself on running lean, running fast and running smarter than its competitors. The increased capacity and additional human capital that that will come with the plant expansion and associated capital investments are bound to increase the already overpowering strength of this company in an increasingly competitive market.