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Baldwin Launches The Webcatcher S14

Press release from the issuing company

August 14, 2007 -- Baldwin Technology has extended the range of its highly successful WebCatcher series with the launch of the WebCatcher S14, which provides a catch rate of 90 per cent or more. Over 330 WebCatchers have been sold to commercial web offset and newspaper printers around the world, including more than 115 of the high-speed WebCatcher S18 model, which is suitable for web speeds up to 18 metres per second.
Baldwin has developed the WebCatcher S14 to provide an affordable solution to the problem of web breaks to printers with less stringent web protection requirements, typically those running 16-page presses, as well as some 24-page and 32-page models. The new WebCatcher S14 is extremely compact and supports web speeds of 13 metres per second and web widths up to 1,500 mm. The WebCatcher equipment prevents damage to the blanket, plate cylinders or ink rollers in the event of a web break, allowing normal production to be resumed after minimal downtime.
“The new WebCatcher S14 expands our web catcher family of products to create a comprehensive range that satisfies all performance and budgetary requirements within the web offset market,” says Ernst Engelhardt, Head of the Web/Consumables Product Unit at Baldwin Germany. “The WebCatcher S14 has been positioned as a low-priced, entry-level model that can be enhanced with various options according to each customer’s unique needs. With its attractive package of features and characteristics, it makes a perfect retrofit for existing web presses that lack adequate protection against web breaks.”
On a heatset web offset line the WebCatcher equipment is installed between the last printing unit and the hot air dryer. An integrated, motorized, remote controlled sensor monitors the web continuously during production. The laser diode technology incorporated within the sensor ensures a short overall response time. If the sensor detects a web break, the WebCatcher acts immediately (ideally in partnership with Baldwin ProTect web severers). A pneumatically operated trolley crossbar in the WebCatcher pushes the trailing web, which is stabilised by an air knife, on to a spinning catcher roller. The WebCatcher guides the retained paper to the floor in front of the dryer, from where it can be removed easily after restarting the press.
Additional facilities available with the new WebCatcher S14 include the DSA-2 (dynamic sensor adjustment) system. If the web moves slightly to one side during production, the laser scanner within the DSA-2 system ensures optimal web break monitoring by automatically correcting the position of the web break sensor in relation to the web edge.
Another optional feature that can be retrofitted to a WebCatcher unit is Baldwin’s DSWP (dynamic side wrap protection) system. This detects the very narrow wrap-ups that occasionally occur at web edges and can result in serious press damage or downtime. The problem can be caused by damage to the web in transit, small tears in the side of the web, or defects during paper manufacturing. By using two sensors, a WebCatcher with the DSWP facility is able to keep effective control over all critical areas of the web.