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Muller Martini Improves Ventura book sewing machine

Press release from the issuing company

February 14 2008 - With drupa 2008 just around the corner, the industry can expect the introduction of new and innovative technologies.  During a recent exhibition at Muller Martini's facility in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, the company presented its Ventura book sewing machine – now featuring the Asir 3 quality control system.  Integration of Asir 3 (which is already familiar technology on Muller saddle stitchers and rotary gathering equipment) with the world-renowned Ventura has further increased Ventura's production reliability.

More and more bookbinders worldwide are producing top-notch book blocks using the Ventura book sewing machine from Muller Martini.  A variety of control devices on the Ventura ensures high production reliability and superior quality.  Muller Martini is now offering the Ventura book sewing machine with the industry-proven Asir 3 quality control system...further enhancing reliability and quality.  Asir 3 automatically tests to make certain that book sections are in the correct sequence and that they open in the right place.  This can be performed by Asir 3 either in image comparison mode or through barcode recognition.

Asir 3: Barcode or Image Comparison – The Operator has the Option
The sensor in the Ventura consists of a "smart" camera that recognizes and determines whether sections have been fed properly or not.  The sensor is installed so that it checks the sheets from inside.  This mechanism, patented by Muller Martini, is able to recognize sections which do not enter in the right sequence as well as those that were not properly opened.  In the Image Comparison Mode, the Asir 3 sensor prepares and tests four exposures per section as they run through.  The range within which the exposures are made is variable, and the operator can adjust the range depending on the product.  As an alternative, the operator can use barcode recognition for clear identification of the signatures.  When Asir 3 barcode recognition technology is used, the sensor scans a barcode which has been previously applied to the lead edge.  Through information contained on the barcode, the operator can ensure with 100% confidence that sheets which have not been fed properly are recognized and diverted.  Muller Martini offers a program for producing barcodes, which is contained in all standard prepress industry software programs.

Efficient Sheet Feeding in Piles
Besides the advantages of the Asir 3 quality control system, the Ventura book sewing machine can provide other important benefits.  In order to feed sections into the Ventura's feeder with the highest accuracy and efficiency, Muller Martini offers an automatic pile hopper.  The operator places the loose book blocks in piles of up to 220 mm high on a powered roller table conveyer where they are buffered.  For A5 formats, for example, the belt can hold seven piles, for A6 formats the belt can hold ten piles.  The machine is timed to transfer the first pile to the feeding fork, which automatically and gently places it in the hopper feeder.

Flexible Operation and Secure Feeding
The Ventura book sewing machine's stack feeder with buffer allows the operator to work flexibly and optimally.  Even while the machine is running at high speeds, it's capable of feeding sufficient sections to ensure full machine utilization – and therefore also ensure high productivity.  And, even though the operator can run a large quantity of sections, the pile remains low on the feeder.  This assures that coated papers and those with lower poundage feed through more reliably.

Ventura and Other Muller Martini Technology to be Highlighted at drupa 2008
The Ventura book sewing machine with Asir 3 will be one of the many highlights that Muller Martini will present to visitors at the company's drupa booth, #B38, in Hall 14 in Düsseldorf, Germany, May 29-June 11, 2008.

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