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Network PDF creates MIS: A Guide for Managers

Press release from the issuing company

Nashville, TN — July 30, 2007 — Network PDF, a team of experts working together to connect IT and production across a global network using industry standards, in partnership with key industry associations including CIP4, IDEAlliance and PIA/GATF, has created a new educational program focused on the management information system (MIS). At the heart of this program is the creation of MIS: A Guide for Managers, a manual that explains connectivity from content creation into an automated production system. This guide is another in a series of educational materials produced by Network PDF to explain concepts in the graphic arts industry from a business perspective.
Network PDF, along with the efforts of many associations and individuals, has set the foundation toward an integrated vision of print communication. The guide is supported and sponsored by a number of organizations, including CIP4, IDEAlliance and PIA/GATF along with Kodak, Avanti Systems, PrintVis by NovaVision, Enterprise Print Management Systems, HiFlex, Prism-USA Holdings Inc., and Olive Inc.
"MIS is an essential tool for helping printers transition from a craft to a modern manufacturing industry. The MIS Guide does a great job of educating the graphic communications industry about the benefits of MIS," comments Bob Kutschke, General Manager, Kodak Business Workflow Products Group. “This guide offers information for both industry newcomers and veterans alike.”
Network PDF’s goal is to help everyone understand the benefits of integrating industry standards within a network. Students are growing up with the ability to create their own content, in a world of digital images, video, wireless communication, and instant messaging. Meanwhile print, as a form of communication, has taken a back seat. Attracting the next generation of printing technology professionals is of paramount importance to the future of print. Network PDF has identified a need within schools and graphic arts programs to expand and enhance curricula to help teachers create content supporting the ever-changing technologies in print, and the development of open standards. A focus on good, basic educational materials that share the excitement of the steady flow of technological advancements in the graphic arts industry is crucial.
This guide, and others in the series, is intended to increase understanding of common terms and concepts used in print, and to illustrate the ‘bigger picture’ concisely for decision-makers and those in non-technical roles. The guide follows the same concept as the original JDF: A Guide for Managers by helping everyone understand and advance the new role of print and network publishing. It is focused on the education and process for choosing and using an MIS system as part of a print network.
Olive Inc., a developer of MIS systems, is supporting International education by sponsoring a Japanese version of the guide in preparation for IGAS in Tokyo later this fall. "Olive Inc. is delighted to be involved with the creation of MIS: A Guide for Managers’. This will be a great tool for printers to educate their employees and clients on the importance of MIS and get a clearer picture about the overall workflow,” remarks Masaya Ueno, Olive Inc. “Along with new and advanced print technology, printers need to understand the capabilities of the MIS and visualize new ideas to fully utilize the system in the future."
Steve Rice developed project content in partnership with Trish Witkowski. Mr. Rice, along with a task force within CIP4, is currently expanding awareness to further support this educational initiative among MIS vendors.
"Smart printers realize that print MIS systems are becoming the hub around which the modern automated printing plant is built," says James Harvey, Executive Director of CIP4. "In the past printers got by with homegrown estimating databases and spreadsheet scheduling, but such shortcuts are now a liability to effective competition. As more printers add print MIS systems and embed them even deeper into their business and production operations, a solid understanding of what print MIS systems do, what options exist, and how to determine a good fit for your company today and in the future is vital, and Network PDF's MIS: Guide for Managers delivers."
Meanwhile, Lloyd Carr, Director of the Graphic Arts program for The City University of New York's College of Technology (City Tech), has reviewed the content and suggested further support to extend the content into a lesson plan for schools. His program currently teaches a number of estimating classes at City Tech and sees the content as a way to bring together a measurable outcome to help all schools teach "network publishing."
“Our ability to share our passion for the power of print with others depends upon communicating a strong, unified vision of the future of print. We hope this publication will help industry professionals and educators to see the larger picture of a global supply chain, the benefits of a ‘smart’ workflow, and the importance of investing in standards-based technology to improve a business,” explains Janice Reese, Executive Director of Network PDF.
Those desiring to learn more about Network PDF’s Print Education Program and to get involved in sponsorship opportunities can contact Janice Reese ([email protected]).