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VIC SERVICES chooses Goss M-600 web press

Press release from the issuing company

July 23rd, 2007 – VIC SERVICES, located in Pantin, just outside Paris, France, has invested in its first Goss M-600 web offset press to be installed in a new building this summer. The M-600 press was chosen for its versatility and to open up new opportunities for the company in the commercial printing market.
Jean-Pierre Létévé, company manager at VIC SERVICES comments, “This project has been a real challenge for us, primarily due to the location of our new facility in the very heart of urban Paris. But, the investment is vital to ensure that we can continue to produce the Revue Fiduciaire publications, which have been recently revamped in full color. This investment will enable us to offer a different range of products to our customers than has previously been possible.”
VIC SERVICES is part of the publishing group Revue Fiduciaire, which specializes in fiscal, welfare, accounting and legal information. Print jobs for the group account on average for 70 percent of VIC SERVICES production turnover (around €4 million in 2006). The remainder of the print production is dedicated to advertising and commercial jobs for a diverse range of external customers.
The new Goss M-600 press at VIC SERVICES will be equipped with four printing units, each fitted with Goss Autoplate automatic plate changing technology, and will run two webs with an Ecotherm dryer. The order also includes a JF-45 folder and a sheeter.
The decision to invest in the Goss web offset technology is, for the employees of VIC SERVICES, a complete change to how they currently work, explains Létévé. “We have been operating with an older web offset press and two sheetfed presses since 1981 without the benefits the modern features that are now standard in many press rooms. The Autoplate technology will speed up our makereadies and provide a more efficient and accurate process for plate loading while the new JF-45 folder provides us with the facility to print a more diverse range of products.”
Installation is currently on target to be completed as scheduled. According to Létévé, this was a critical element in the investment being placed with Goss International. “We do not feel that we are taking a risk with the Goss M-600 press,” he states. “It’s a proven product and one we trust. It’s an exciting time for us and for our employees who will have to adapt to a new way of working, but in our opinion, we have provided them with the optimum production tool.”
A two-week training program will be held at the print facility enabling operators to spend time learning about the new press performance and technology.
Antoine Chevalier, head of Service Management at Goss International’s Montataire, France facility where the M-600 press model is manufactured, concludes, “A project such as this requires the total coordination between Goss installation crews, the printer, its partners and subcontractors. We have worked in close partnership with VIC SERVICES to ensure that this project is executed on schedule. The features of the M-600 press will equip the company with one of the most advanced commercial print rooms in the area and will enable it to serve a range of new and diverse customer needs.”
Established in 1981, VIC SERVICES has 27 employees.