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Florida Web Printer Moves to Screen Six-up CTP and Trueflow Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. - For AAA Printing, one key to efficiency is making equipment purchases that precisely match the web printer's production requirements. Based in Largo, Fla., AAA Printing installed the Screen PlateRite 6600E thermal computer-to-plate (CTP) system and Trueflow PDF workflow to enable more efficient prepress operations.
Screen developed the PlateRite 6600E to provide a plate-making solution for larger six-page sheetfed presses and commercial web presses. With its maximum plate size of 38.6 x 27 inches, the PlateRite 6600E handles the plates that AAA Printing runs on its Harris M1000 heatset press. The six-unit press features a 38-inch web width.
"An eight-up platesetter would have been more machine than we actually needed," said Dave Moore, prepress manager. "The size of the plates we use isn't going to change, so the PlateRite's format is sufficient for our needs."
AAA Printing prints commercial products and direct mail marketing materials. The printer produces magazines, shoppers, automotive brochures and real estate guides. Run lengths up to one million pieces and page counts in the hundreds are not uncommon.
On average, the prepress department produces 1,000 plates per month. Imaging plates at the rate of 18 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi, the PlateRite 6600E produces more work in less time, thanks to the advanced automation and ease of operation.
"We did a lot of research on different platesetters, talked to other printers and visited shops that operated the devices," Moore said. "The sales personnel at Screen played a big role in our decision to install the PlateRite device."
Like the entire PlateRite family, the PlateRite 6600E can be upgraded in the field as the user's capacity needs grow. The enhancements would allow the platesetter to deliver 30 plates per hour.
Moore had previous experience with workflow software developed by other companies, so there was a learning curve involved in the implementation of Trueflow.
"Trueflow was a new workflow for us," he said. "After sitting down and spending some time working with it, I saw that the job folders and drag-and-drop features were easy to use."
Since installing the Screen prepress solutions, AAA Printing reports that they have lived up to expectations.
"We are happy with our decision," Moore said. "The PlateRite does a fine job outputting plates. That's what we were looking for."