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Colorquick introduces Veroproof

Press release from the issuing company

Veroproof's Professional Grade Remote Contract Proofing System Breaks $1000 Barrier

Pennsauken, NJ –– Veroproof, a product of ColorQuick, LLC, will debut a contract-proof quality, remote proofing system at Print '09 in Chicago on September 11, 2009, making color-accurate remote proofing affordable and simple.

Veroproof is an inexpensive (complete system under $1,000), patented proofing system with unique features that make it perfectly suited for remote proofing. Prior systems were expensive to install and lacked an integrated quality indicator and a robust communications network – all issues that Veroproof solves.

The free (available in person at Print '09 – booth 7063 or at www.veroproof.com after September 11) Veroproof RIP works with the Epson R2880, HP B9180 and B8850 13" x 19" inkjet printers, which all have street prices under $600.

A solution that provides benefits for graphic designers AND printers…
This is an important breakthrough for both printers and the creative community they serve.  Veroproof provides greater color control and accuracy to the design community, eliminating the costly and time consuming shipment of proofs. The system network enhances the value of webto-print workflows and reduces the likelihood of expensive rounds of color-correction or on-press "color adjustments," benefiting both the print consumer and provider by streamlining the production workflow, and saving time, materials and money. Clearly, printers that provide quality remote proofing support will garner greater loyalty from their clients. The use of the Veroproof visual quality check eliminates the problems caused by poorly calibrated or out of spec equipment, which produce artwork that is difficult or impossible to match on press.

A tool for unleashing your creativity, not an obstacle to hold you back…
Traditional proofing systems are counterintuitive to the creative process. Sending multiple proofs back and forth with a printer or prepress shop is time consuming and expensive. The designer, working against tight deadlines, is under pressure to get it right the first time. Naturally, the designer will be less inclined to take risks or try new ideas-better to play it safe to ensure success. Unfortunately, the true result is anything but success. The creative process has been hampered by outdated and obsolete proofing systems. A process that should be no more than a formality has effectively taken creative control.

The Veroproof system puts that creative flexibility back into the hands of the designer. With Veroproof, you have immediate access to color accurate proofs throughout the creative process and there are no shipping fees involved. You can print visually perfect color at your own workstation using the free Veroproof software. With just a quick visual check that the two color bars match, you can verify the proper operation of your system, ensuring a contract-quality proof.
It's that easy.

How the Veroproof system works…
Veroproof's patented system uses a two-step color bar process. The first color bar comes preprinted on Veroproof contract proofing paper. When you print your design, the Veroproof processor inserts a second color bar adjacent to the preprinted bar. With just a quick visual comparison you can tell if you have a good proof and have confidence in the color.

The Veroproof processor acts as a command center for color-managed output, using industry standard ICC color profiles. The system leverages unique calibration technology, enabling you to print color accurate proofs using a number of inexpensive inkjet printers.  To print your color proof, simply send a PDF of your design file to the Veroproof processor. This will RIP your file for output to your printer. You also have the ability to easily and securely send proofs to other Veroproof users for printing at their location making Veroproof a complete turnkey remote proofing system.

The Veroproof system:
· Is the most cost-effective, all-in-one remote proofing system available
· Handles color management, using ICC profiles without requiring additional software or calibration tools
· Meets SWOP and GRACoL industry standards
· Includes free software and a robust store and forward communication network for guaranteed file transmission