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KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System Version

Press release from the issuing company

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY, Jan. 17 - A series of new features and functions in the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System Version 5.0 delivers the performance, quality, and automation required to drive a fully integrated conventional and digital printing facility.

The PRINERGY Workflow System 5.0 allows users to process static and variable data printing (VDP) jobs through the same workflow, manage end to end color on multiple devices, and automate complex routines in print production workflows.

"Kodak understands the challenge of delivering profitable digital print and workflow production systems that produce high volumes of shorter runs-without operators having to touch every single job," said Patrick Stuart, Technology Marketing Director, The Bureau, a commercial and POP printing company in Minneapolis. "The PRINERGY System 5.0 can pilot a printer's entire workflow, automating tasks and interfacing with existing systems using industry standard JDF specifications."

Efficient Digital Workflow

The PRINERGY System 5.0's new digital print management features provide enhanced connectivity and accessibility to digital devices, bringing the power and flexibility of a production workflow system to digital applications. For the first time, conventional and digital presswork can be driven effectively from one workflow, managing multiple devices to optimize performance and productivity, increasing efficiency and maximizing press utilization.
Managing digital jobs requires extended automation and intelligent job handling. The PRINERGY System 5.0's new Smart Lists function enables printers to easily and quickly queue jobs according to production critical criteria such as stock type, due date, estimated time to print and customer information.

Using Smart Lists, a printer could, for example, quickly assign all jobs of a particular stock type that are due at a certain time to a device. Digital devices and Smart Lists can be added quickly and easily, providing a flexible, scaleable toolset optimized for digital print jobs that typically come in larger volumes, with smaller run counts. The PRINERGY System 5.0's digital connectivity provides a powerful window into the device's status, loaded media, online finishing options and available inks through the open JDF specification. Together with the KODAK INSITE Storefront System, the PRINERGY System 5.0 delivers a highly automated, comprehensive solution to help printers maximize productivity and throughput, reducing operational costs and delivering centralized control over conventional and digital printing devices.

Revolutionary Color Control

Establishing and maintaining accurate and repeatable color cost effectively for a printer is critical to meeting the expectations of the print buyer. With a revolutionary device based approach to delivering color, the PRINERGY System 5.0's new color handling platform reduces costs by:

Helping to ensure that color control elements such as calibration curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes are used together correctly

Reducing the number of press runs required for establishing accurate color

Reducing the need for extensive prepress operator's training

Allowing easier adoption of color standards such as FOGRA, SWoP and GRACoL.

The PRINERGY System 5.0 greatly simplifies the process of controlling color throughout the workflow with device based color handling, which maps color parameters such as ICC profiles, calibration curves and recipes together. If a condition on a device changes, the PRINERGY System 5.0 tracks the changes and automatically applies the new settings to jobs. Color specifications can now be assigned quickly and accurately, reducing errors and the need for extensive color training for operators. The PRINERGY System 5.0's new color handling platform helps ensure integrating industry standard print specifications and conditions such as FOGRA, SWoP and GRACoL can be achieved rapidly and without errors.

Intelligent Automation

The PRINERGY System 5.0 further enhances automation in production workflows with more powerful JDF driven Rules Based Automation. The PRINERGY System 5.0's Rules Based Automation function uses conditions and logic to automatically process jobs, saving valuable production time. The PRINERGY System 5.0 uses the JDF information that accompanies each job throughout production to make intelligent decisions about processing, imposing and outputting files.

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