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Muller Martini Diamant 35 Bookline Demonstrated

Press release from the issuing company

January 2008 - At a recent open house in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, Muller Martini presented its new Diamant 35 short-run bookline together with a Vesta jacketing machine.  During the event, the new bookline's productivity was demonstrated convincingly with live demonstrations of full-flap book production.  Underscoring the advanced designed of the Diamant 35 is the fact that compared to its predecessor, the machine produces 16 percent more books while delivering top quality as well as exceptional book manufacturing versatility.
Muller Martini, a world pacesetter in print finishing technology, has increased the performance capabilities of its Diamant short-run bookline. The new Diamant 35 can produce 2,100 books per hour, a 16 percent improvement compared to the company's Diamant 30 predecessor model.
Complementing its running speed, the Diamant 35 also provides outstanding operational efficiency resulting from a high degree of automation.  Changeovers can be completed rapidly, enabling different runs to follow one another quickly to optimize utilization and ensure cost-effective production.
Ability to Run Books with Gatefolded Flaps
Bookbinders have trusted the innovative Muller Martini Diamant bookline for years, knowing that it manufactures books with high-quality hard cases.  Yet, although the Diamant has proven itself again and again on all kinds of production floors, many visitors to the Muller Martini open house in Germany were surprised to see just how versatile the newly advanced Diamant 35 machine is.  Expecting to witness hardcover production, visitors instead saw the Diamant 35 manufacture books with gatefolded flaps and flexible covers (commonly referred to as "full-flap books").  In many countries, this type of book is gaining in popularity as more and more readers appreciate the attributes of a flexible cover including easy opening and good layflat characteristics along with the ability of the flaps to both provide information and serve as bookmarks.
During Muller Martini's open house, the Diamant 35 was configured with a Vesta jacketing machine perfectly suited for the production of full-flap books.  Attendees to the event watched with interest as the A5 books with flexible case and open 70-mm wide flaps entered the Vesta.  The machine opened the book covers, folded in the flaps and reclosed the books, completing these tasks at full production speed.
Efficiency In-line
The showcase system at the open house, consisting of the Diamant 35, the Vesta and two BLSD book stackers, was set up for production via Muller Martini's Tele-Commander technology.  Visitors were impressed with how fast the operator completed changeovers utilizing the user-friendly touchscreen.  Adding to the efficiency and speed of changeovers is the capability for simultaneous data transfer to all machines.  Furthermore, previous production settings can be called up for all machines at the same time, and, if precision adjustments are needed, they can be completed during running production.
Quality Assurance Combined with High Flexibility
The Diamant 35 provides renowned Diamant book quality. From infrared preheating, rounding and double backing, to backlining and casing-in...every job follows the same, quality-assuring processes as in the Muller Martini Diamant 60.  At maximum speed, joint forming and pressing take just 5 seconds on the new Diamant 35 short-run bookline, without interruptions and as reliably as ever - providing bookbinders with the ability to manufacture first-class books with maximum productivity.  What's more, if production requirements change and larger quantities need to be run at high speed, the flexible Diamant 35 can be upgraded to 60 cycles per minute. 
Enhancing Bookbinding Businesses The World Over
Due to its highly efficient operation, superlative book quality and versatile production possibilities, the short-run Diamant 35 bookline has already become the equipment of choice for many bookbinders in North and South America, as well as in various European countries and in Asia and Africa.