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TURSACK Printing to install first ROLAND 700 with convertible coating units

Press release from the issuing company

What’s more versatile than a 10-color MAN Roland perfector? The answer is a MAN Roland 10-color perfector featuring an advanced convertible coating unit that facilitates printing and coating on both sides of the sheet in a single pass. That’s precisely the design of a new ROLAND 700 that will be installed early this year at TURSACK Printing in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. The Consolidated Graphics (CGX) company has purchased the first press in North America to be equipped with MAN Roland’s InlineCoater Smart technology. This technology features the ultimate in versatility. The press can easily accommodate printing or coating as each job demands. “This new convertible coating innovation gives us the ability to coat both sides inline with one pass, while also being able to print five-over-five for straight ink jobs that do not require coating,” TURSACK President Scott Thorell said. “It gives us the best of both worlds.” Smart Solution InlineCoater Smart technology can be changed over from printing to coating and vice versa in a matter of minutes. It can be fitted to the last printing unit of any new ROLAND 700 straight printing or perfecting press. An integrated IR/hot-air drying system, proportioned to fit the 700’s standard delivery, ensures quick and even drying. TURSACK estimates that it will utilize the new press approximately 75 percent of the time as a perfector. “We want to keep it in the perfecting mode as much as possible,” Thorell notes. “Of course, with the extra units, whenever we produce seven-plus color projects, we will use this press.” Quality is another factor that was considered in the selection of the ROLAND 700. “A newer press will help in our continuing efforts to improve the printing process and the ROLAND 700 has the latest and greatest in technology to help our pressmen achieve even better results,” Thorell said. Adding Value Thorell sees the ability to print up to ten colors in a single pass as another value-added service. The press allows clients to get creative with their printing needs, as well as offering them flexibility to use more PMS inks rather than four-color builds. In the straight printing mode, the ROLAND 700 has the ability to provide more special effect opportunities. “This press will give us the flexibility to run different varnishes in one pass,” Thorell remarks. “For example, we’ll be able to put down a dull and a gloss varnish as well as an aqueous coating to give different effects and contrasts to the project.” Thorell also projects that the new system will add additional capacity to the TURSACK pressroom, which already boasts an impressive list of unique capabilities and includes eight other sheetfed presses and four digital presses. Decisions, Decisions How did TURSACK go about choosing a press that would have such a significant impact on its future? “We worked alongside our experts at Consolidated Graphics to determine the best suppliers,” Thorell said. “Our main requirement was that we wanted a perfector that would allow us to aqueous coat both sides.” Before making the final decision, Thorell and the CGX team visited key MAN Roland facilities in Germany to see the press in action, view the manufacturing process, and examine the benefits of adding a ROLAND 700 to their pressroom. CGX, impressed by the innovative technology offered by MAN Roland, negotiated a multi press arrangement. In addition to the press for TURSACK, CGX has installed an eight-color ROLAND 700 with inline coating at its Minneapolis facility, Maximum Graphics. Thorell says the CGX business philosophy of providing local service from a regional facility that is backed by the geographic, technological and financial resources of a national supplier works well for his customers. “We concentrate on doing what we do best — providing our clients with the most innovative printing, fulfillment and online technology solutions.”