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LithoTechnics Announces Metrix 2.1

Press release from the issuing company

Sydney, Australia, February 13, 2007 – LithoTechnics Pty Limited, developer of Metrix, the award-winning automatic layout calculator, announced today the release of Metrix 2.1, featuring automatic, dynamic, and intelligent shingling. Dubbed "set-n-forget" shingling, Metrix 2.1 takes creep compensation to a whole new level, way beyond traditional imposition applications, for any binding style and any combination of stocks. Rohan Holt, founder of LithoTechnics, said, "Automatic shingling, per se, is nothing new. What is new is our approach and implementation. Metrix 2.1 enables users to 'set-n-forget' their shingling preferences, knowing that Metrix will take everything into account: the number of pages, stock thickness including different combinations of stocks, different binding styles and sequences, and so on. Metrix 2.1 automatically updates shingling values on the fly when any changes are made – including stock modifications, or the addition, removal, or rearrangement of entire signatures." Metrix 2.1 empowers the user to apply automatic and/or custom shingling in any combination required for the job, allowing for complete control over the publication. Customized shingling can be applied to individual signatures and/or pages as required – to accommodate, for example, facing page spreads or other special cases. The need for customized shingling is kept to a minimum however, because Metrix is intelligent enough to automatically shut off shingling where it isn't needed, for example, on page flaps. "Metrix 2.1 builds on the core technology and methodology established in version 1 – automatic and dynamic calculation on the one hand – preservation of user control on the other," explained Holt. "Metrix 2.1 adds another first to our list of innovations – automatic and dynamic calculation of gang runs, bound jobs, and now shingling." The Metrix 2.x family includes Mini Metrix, for the smaller print shop, in 21" and 30" versions, with imposed PDF output. Metrix Commercial, for the general commercial printer, accommodates sheet sizes of up to 144” and outputs imposed PDF, JDF/PDF, or Preps® templates, along with export of CIP3 and JDF cutting and folding data. Metrix Ganging, for gang run printers, automatically imposes up to 160 products per sheet, and Metrix Max, the top of the range, includes the complete functionality of all editions. Metrix Commercial, Ganging, and Max are also available with multiple user site licenses, and the whole Metrix family is now available in English, German, and Spanish.