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Software Imaging Makes it Easy to Take Advantage of Windows Vista's new Premium Print Path

Press release from the issuing company

Oxford, United Kingdom - February 8, 2007 - With the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista, Software Imaging has announced the availability of production-ready PrintMagicXPS technology for software and driver developers of Windows Vista projects. PrintMagicXPS fully supports the new Windows Vista premium print path and for the first time brings hi-fidelity color-accurate printing benefits to end-users. PrintMagicXPS is unique in that it is an XPS renderer or Raster Image Processor ("RIP") which supports the features of the XPS 1.0 specification used by Windows Vista. With support of Windows Vista features like a wide gamut (the new scRGB color space), wide gamut output to print devices, and a fully accurate 16-bit/channel workflow to the device; PrintMagicXPS provides a level of accuracy and fidelity not supported by other solutions. Software Imaging's specialist expertise in driving printing devices means that color fidelity is delivered to end-users with extremely high performance while using Windows Vista's new document workflow model. This means that end-users do not need to compromise their print quality to achieve high print speeds. "We're extremely excited by the performance PrintMagicXPS achieves," commented Tony Harris, Chief Technology Officer for Software Imaging. "Printer OEMs can quickly create printing solutions that combine their intellectual property with a fast XPS renderer. With PrintMagicXPS OEMs can easily deliver the performance required to meet current and future market needs." "PrintMagicXPS enables users to benefit from the new color support featured in Windows Vista. Preserving color accuracy from camera RAW through to physical output has always been a goal," said Jon Williams, Group Product Manager for Software Imaging. "Windows Vista's printing infrastructure has the potential to preserve accurate wide gamut color right through to XPS output. PrintMagicXPS's unique ability to render wide gamut output accurately to devices turns this potential into a reality." PrintMagicXPS Renderer Highlights High performance and compliance with Microsoft Windows Vista Premium Signing requirements are integral parts of the design of PrintMagicXPS, alongside: Full support for... • Microsoft's XPS 1.0 specification • Color matching on Windows Vista • Wide gamut color spaces, including scRGB HDR • Wide gamut output color spaces • Third-party Color Matching Modules (CMMs) • Down-level color matching for Windows XP Rendering to… • Any required output resolution (600dpi, 720dpi, 1200dpi, etc.) • 8- or 16-bit/channel color depths • Any required number of bands PrintMagicXPS is delivered in a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it easy for customers to evaluate the technology and most importantly integrate quickly into their solutions. The PrintMagicXPS SDK includes sample solutions with source code that demonstrates how easy it is to integrate PrintMagicXPS into software projects. These samples show working examples of PrintMagicXPS's support for hi-fidelity 16-bit rendering. "We have many years experience in delivering quality products in Software Development Kits," commented Geoff Soord, Group Development Manager for Software Imaging. "The PrintMagicXPS SDK represents the culmination of this experience in a brand new toolkit that puts the emphasis on productivity, ease of use and getting solutions implemented quickly." PrintMagicXPS SDK Highlights The PrintMagicXPS SDK features… • Easy to implement PrintMagicXPS XPS rendering library • Comprehensive Doxygen generated documentation for the PrintMagicXPS library • Annual support contracts including software updates Along with full source code projects for… • XPS rasterizing command line based RIP • Microsoft Windows Vista XPSDrv printer driver The PrintMagicXPS Software Development Toolkit for application and driver integration is available for license today. For more information visit softwareimaging.com/xps