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World first for KBA in coldset newspaper production

Press release from the issuing company

Newspaper printers throughout the world, and particularly in Europe and the USA, are switching from broadsheet to more easily manageable tabloid and compact formats. At the same time there is an ever-stronger focus in the newspaper and semi-commercial markets on efficient inline production, fast edition changes and a high net production output. So it follows that quarterfold capabilities - which are being used increasingly to support a wider choice of products and formats - must also keep pace with market demands. KBA's intrepid R&D engineers have responded by developing a new dual quarterfold module for coldset newspaper production that combines engineering excellence with a high level of precision and reliability, yet is easy to operate and maintain. Needless to say it also complies with the most rigorous safety standards. Following the former fold (first length fold) and the first cross fold, the copy stream is conveyed by belt systems to a controlled diverter, which splits it into two. The two streams are then decelerated and guided to the stops at two separate chopper tables, where a folding blade is actuated that thrusts the raw copies between two folding rollers to create the quarterfold. The copies are subsequently guided by two belt systems into an 18-pocket paddle wheel and are delivered in a single stream. Copy spacing in the stream can be adjusted to the speed of the relevant finishing equipment. High-output, high-precision folding Fitting two quarterfold units in one module and splitting the copy stream largely eliminates the process-related speed limitations imposed by single quarterfold systems. This means that the press can be run at high speed when printing magazine-format copies, with no impairment to folding precision or delivery accuracy. Intelligent modular design The dual quarterfold module is fitted with an additional paddle wheel which allows a more extensive range of products to be printed and thus affords even greater flexibility. As with the single quarterfold unit, an auxiliary module is available that allows high-pagination newspapers to be delivered in collect production. Guiding the copies to the folding board via a conveyor belt that is more or less horizontal, and subsequently inserting them directly into the paddle wheel, helps minimise smearing on thick copies. High-speed conversion Integrating the folder in the press presetting and control systems can dramatically shorten changeover times when production entails frequent edition changes. The dual quarterfold module has just one pick-up station, so that it is possible to choose one of two delivery options, depending on the type of copy: delivery after the first cross fold or after the double quarterfold unit following quick and easy manual conversion of the copy stream diverter. The two-in-one quarterfold capability is available as a slip-in module for all KBA folders from the KF 3B to the heavy-duty KF 7.

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