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November 7, 2007 - Professional in-house digital proofing, certified according to ISO standards, with the integrated, licensed FOGRA media wedge and consistent quality assurance in the long term. ColorGATE PROOFGATE Version 5.01 Technology now delivers the turnkey system solution with even more optimized performance to satisfy the most exacting demands in practical application. Technologically mature, intuitive to operate and easier than ever to integrate into the individual workflow. And there's more. ColorGATE also now offers the new, professional proof paper to pave the way to perfect results: PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF275g.
ColorGATE PROOFGATE Technology 5.01 is rich in new functional highlights: certified digital proofing based on ISO standard (ISO 12647-7). The new ISO 12647-7 proofing standard is now fully supported in Generation 5.x (e.g. FOGRA wedges updated with control wedge evaluation). The FOGRA media wedge and proof evaluation are included. – Proofing with reference values on the basis of the current FOGRA 39 guidelines. – Gray balance and primary color proof evaluation based on deltaH. – Unique MEDIA DEVICE SYNCHRONIZATION (MDS) for consistently calibrated, identical printers at different locations. Because PROOFGATE 5.01 also delivers ready-to-use MIM combinations, which contain high-quality output profiles and DeviceLink profiles for all standard transformations for the inkjet printers and suitable proof media. With MDS, the individual printing system can be calibrated to these reference values at the click of a mouse. Even minimal deviations – such as surrounding air, temperature or other system changes – are corrected independently and repeatedly at any time.
ColorGATE PROOFGATE Technology 5.01 is available at ColorGATE sales partners in brilliant plug 'n' play as the PROOF Module, the power add-on to the platform-independent center management of PRODUCTIONSERVER and the PHOTOGATE Creative Suite. Or in the stand-alone edition tried and tested a thousand times over: PROOFGATE small edition – for printers up to 17" format, PROOFGATE medium edition – for printers up to 24" format, PROOFGATE large edition – for printers >24" format. The special customer loyalty offer for ColorGATE users: for customers who purchase of an upgrade to PROOFGATE Technology 5.01, ColorGATE retailers will offer all the PROFILER Modules at an attractively reduced price up until the end of December 2007.
Specially developed for ColorGATE systems with proof technology (PRODUCTIONSERVER/PROOF Module, PROOFGATE, PHOTOGATE), PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF275g is now the ideal medium for offset and gravure printing proofs. FOGRA-certified, ISOPROOF275g meets all the proof-relevant criteria of ISO standard (ISO 12647-7), saves ink, time and money: with a very low proportion of optical brighteners, its white point hits the FOGRA standard virtually dead-on and effectively eliminates the need for any paper simulation. PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF275g is available in retail outlets as sheets or rolls.