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OSG Billing Services Uses Nine Xerox Digital Highlight Color Presses to More Efficiently Print 60 Million Mail Pieces

Press release from the issuing company

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. & ROCHESTER, N.Y.-- OSG Billing Services is increasing its productivity and revenue - as well as that of its clients - thanks to installing nine Xerox Corporation DocuTech 180 Highlight Color Systems - high-speed digital presses that print documents at up to 180 pages per minute. OSG Billing Services produces more than 60 million pieces of mail per year for the publishing, telecommunications, wireless and utility industries, with close to 95 percent of its monthly page volume printed digitally using the Xerox presses. Installed at the end of June, the Xerox highlight color systems enable the company to more efficiently create documents such as invoices, statements and marketing inserts. "To create an effective document, you have to use color appropriately," said Richard Hoffman, vice president of operations and technical, OSG Billing Services. "This is a prime example of how less can be more - when highlight color is used to focus attention on important information, it compels the reader to take action." By drawing attention to information like payment deadlines, highlight color can help companies save money by reducing the need to print and send second and third invoices to collect late bills. OSG Billing Services helps its clients turn statements and invoices into marketing tools; nearly 80 percent pair highlight color with personalized messaging to cross-sell new products and services to customers. The following clients of OSG Billing Services saw success using Xerox technology: * A New Jersey publisher needed to streamline bill production for its 35 weekly newspapers. The company found that its first notice invoice, as well as follow-up notices, were frequently ignored. They asked OSG Billing Services to redesign their invoice using highlight color and tailored messaging. The new design has reduced the number of invoices created each week by 1,400, since more customers respond to the first notice; reduced staff processing time by $35,000; decreased call center volume by 25 percent; and reduced outstanding invoice time from 34 days to 19 days. Just as important, the publisher has generated additional revenue by selling advertising on the invoices. * A wireless provider in North Carolina used highlight color and customized messaging to draw attention to a special phone promotion on its invoice, which led to a 30 percent spike in sales of a particular mobile phone. By using OSG Billing Services to create a better invoice format, the company was also able to reduce the number of pages in its billing statements by 50 percent - from eight pages to four pages - leading to lower printing and mailing costs. "We're more than a print provider. Our Xerox equipment has allowed us to be partners with our clients," said Hoffman. "We focus on efficiency and precision in creating bills and allow our clients to focus on servicing their customers, growing their business and increasing their profitability. Their cash flow is in our hands, and they need us to be more than reliable, which is why we've chosen Xerox systems for the last 14 years." Along with Xerox digital printing systems, OSG Billing Services uses Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP color servers to help streamline and automate production processes. Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP integrates with the "automated document factory" at OSG Billing Services, and when combined, both applications produce invoices efficiently and accurately while reducing error and minimizing the need for operator intervention. This integrated software system allows workers to accurately track data from the moment it enters their systems until the final document leaves their facility.