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Heidelberg USA Announces New Product Installation Report

Press release from the issuing company

KENNESAW, Ga. – June 30, 2006 – Heidelberg USA announces the following sample of new product installations: Dome Printing Replaces Entire Sheetfed Department with Two Speedmaster XL 105 Presses from Heidelberg Located in Sacramento, Calif., Dome Printing recently replaced its entire sheetfed pressroom with two 6-color Speedmaster XL 105 presses with in-line aqueous coating from Heidelberg. Chosen for having the latest and most innovative technology on the market, the two XL 105 presses enable the company to maintain consistency in its workflow. Dome Printing reports that the new presses often run at their maximum capacity of 18,000 impressions per hour, and that they achieve speeds above 15,000 impressions per hour 60 percent of the time. In addition, the company reports that the new presses produce the same amount of work in five days as its previous equipment produced in seven. The general commercial printer credits some of its success with the new presses to automation and advanced ergonomics, which contribute to significantly reduced makeready times and more efficient press checks. A Heidelberg customer since 1986, Dome Printing prides itself on providing the highest quality printing for an extensive roster of national clients, including numerous Fortune 100 companies. With a projected annual revenue of $36 million, Dome Printing currently houses 155 employees. Serbin Printing Approaches Four Million Impressions with Speedmaster CD 102 Press from Heidelberg Serbin Printing, a general commercial printer in Sarasota, Fla., recently installed a 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 press from Heidelberg to replace an older press and boost capacity. The new press is the latest addition to the shop’s existing Heidelberg press equipment, which includes a 5-color Speedmaster SM 102 press with perfector and a 5-color Speedmaster SM 74 with perfector and coater. With the new press in place, the company has increased its marketshare by moving from five- to six-color printing. In addition, the new CD 102 has reached nearly four million impressions since its installation in April 2006. Family-owned Serbin Printing uses the new press to produce custom presentations, brochures, flyers, catalogs, magazines, point-of-purchase materials, hard- and soft-bound books, art prints and general business printing for local, national and international clients. A Heidelberg customer since its establishment in 1971, Serbin Printing employs 38 full-time workers and will finish its fiscal year on June 30 with approximately $4.5 million in sales. T.R. Wallis Tackles Growing Volume with New Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 Business is good for T.R. Wallis Graphics in Rome, Ga. So good, in fact, that in mid-March the company added yet another press to its all-Heidelberg pressroom. “We wanted the new press to keep up with our growing volume,” reports production manager Davis Brooks. Therefore, the general commercial printer installed a Speedmaster SM 102 with perfector and aqueous coater to handle the increased volume and relieve the workload of its existing Heidelberg presses: a pair of 28-inch Speedmaster SM 72 presses (2- and 5-color), a 28” 5-color Speedmaster SM 52, a 28” SORM and two 2-color Quickmaster QM 46 duplicators. “The SM 102 is the most productive press in our shop,” says Brooks. T.R. Wallis produces a wide range of commercial jobs on the new press on substrates ranging from 16-pound stock to 18-point board at speeds topping 13,000 impressions per hour. Brooks reports that the new Speedmaster SM 102’s coating capability has met an especially pressing need for the shop. To optimize press performance, the company also takes advantage of Heidelberg’s systemservice 36plus service package. Established in 1950, T.R. Wallis houses 22 employees and serves a regional clientele. Etheridge Printing Company Boosts Pressroom Performance with Speedmaster CD 102 from Heidelberg Etheridge Printing Company has increased pressroom production by 30 percent with the installation of a 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 press with coater from Heidelberg. Added to meet customer demand for faster turnaround, the Speedmaster CD 102 has increased capacity and speed in the shop’s all-Heidelberg pressroom. The new press enables Etheridge Printing to print on heavier stock while reducing makeready times, thus expanding shop capabilities. The Dallas-based company’s 70 employees produce a variety of high-end work, including point-of-purchase displays, newsletters, annual reports, brochures and marketing materials. Founded in 1898, Etheridge Printing Company is the oldest print shop in Dallas. Under the leadership of fourth generation owner Howard Etheridge, the shop has quadrupled sales, doubled its workforce and increased its facility size to 80,000 square feet. The shop’s national customer base includes healthcare and consumer product companies, homebuilders, restaurants, non-profit organizations and churches. Lehigh Press Highlights Throughput with New Speedmaster CD 74 from Heidelberg Lehigh Press, located in Pennsauken, N.J., recently installed a 6-color Speedmaster CD 74 press with perfector and UV capabilities from Heidelberg, complete with extended delivery and coater, Instant Start UV and Smart Guard UV, as well as AirStar and DryStar peripherals. The CD 74 is the eleventh press added to the all-Heidelberg pressroom, which includes a 6-color Speedmaster SM 74 with coater, a 6-color Speedmaster SM 74 with perfector, three 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 presses with coaters, two 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 UV presses and one 2-color Speedmaster SM 102 UV press with perfector and coater. The shop also runs a 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 press with two coaters and UV capabilities and a 5-color Speedmaster SM 102 with perfector. The new CD 74 now runs 24 hours per day and seven days per week to produce hardbound textbook covers on everything from 80-pound stock to 18-point board in short runs averaging 3,500 to 4,500. According to Pressroom Manager Dan MacLeod, the CD 74 has logged 4,036,000 impressions and 3,774 color makereadies since its April installation. Prinect Prepress Interface links the press to Lehigh’s prepress workflow while Prinect Axis Control color measurement solution keeps print quality high. The company also recently installed a pair of POLAR 137 XT high-speed programmable cutters with jogger and scale from Heidelberg. With 280 employees, 75-year-old Lehigh Press specializes in component manufacturing for the educational and consumer publishing markets. Colornet Press Handles Complex Applications with Speedmaster CD 74 Press from Heidelberg With a new 6-color Speedmaster CD 74 press with coater from Heidelberg, Colornet Press has boosted its pressroom production. The new half-size press has relieved the West Los Angeles-based shop’s large format press, a Speedmaster CD 102, by handling the bulk of its short-run work. Used to produce a variety of general commercial materials, such as brochures, catalogs, fliers, invitations, greeting cards and packaging materials, the new CD 74 was added to the all-Heidelberg shop to handle a variety of stock thicknesses and substrates. A shop dedicated to high quality work and complex applications since its establishment in 1981, Colornet Press reports that the new CD 74 has significantly improved quality due to its ability to produce rich solids and darks without streaking. In addition, the shop has benefited from the advanced ergonomics of the press, which include automation, easy cleaning and overall user-friendliness. Colornet Press uses Heidelberg Consumables products, including Perfect Dot blankets, wash-up blades and ink fountain foils. The shop also takes advantage of Web-based Remote Service to ensure maximum productivity for its Heidelberg equipment. With a staff of 35, Colornet Press serves a variety of clients in the Los Angeles area, including graphic designers, advertising agencies and museums. Bramkamp Printing Co. Enjoys 25 Percent Production Increase with Speedmaster SM 74 Press from Heidelberg Bramkamp Printing Co., Inc. recently increased productivity by 25 percent with the installation of a 6-color Speedmaster SM 74 press with perfector and coater from Heidelberg. Installed to bring the latest industry technology to the Cincinnati, Ohio printer, the new press replaced the shop’s older SM 74 press. The new SM 74 is the shop’s first press featuring in-line aqueous coating, which was added to meet customer demand for complex coating applications. Since the installation, the shop reports faster makeready and run times, as well as improved color accuracy with Prinect Axis Control color management software. Bramkamp’s 26 employees run the SM 74 press at approximately 10,000 impressions per hour and print a variety of general commercial materials, including marketing pieces, advertisements, company brochures and pocket folders. A Heidelberg customer since its establishment in 1921, Bramkamp Printing Co., Inc. serves clients in the greater-Cincinnati area, including homebuilders, insurance agencies, hospitals and banks. Network Printing Declares Speedmaster SM 74 Press from Heidelberg a Formula for Success Network Printing, located in Poway, Calif. has experienced a new level of pressroom performance with the installation of a 6-color Speedmaster SM 74 press with perfector and coater from Heidelberg. Installed in January 2006 to increase capacity for its growing client base, the new press already has doubled capacity and productivity in the shop. Network Printing reports that the new SM 74’s automation, ergonomics and overall user-friendliness have made for a smooth transition into the shop’s workflow. The family-owned and operated shop’s 15 employees use the new press to produce marketing materials and four-color pamphlets for its national corporate client base, which includes educational financing, pharmaceutical and medical companies. Founded in 1985, Network Printing credits its new Heidelberg equipment with helping the shop reach its full potential. The shop also uses Heidelberg Consumables products, such as ink fountain foils and wash-up cloths, to provide optimum press performance. Palm Printing Adds More Power to Its Pressroom with Speedmaster CD 74 Press from Heidelberg When it comes to presses, Palm Printing in Sarasota, Fla. is a one-stop shopper. The general commercial printer’s pressroom already boasted one 2-color Heidelberg GTO 52, a 2-color Quickmaster 46 and a 5-color Speedmaster CD 74 before its recent addition of a new, 23” x 29” 6-color Speedmaster CD 74 press with perfector, coater and extended delivery. Company president Randy Hedrick cites the larger sheet size and greater productivity of the new mid-size Heidelberg press as key factors in the investment decision. Palm Printing is confident that the new press will successfully meet expectations as production gears up this summer. The CD 74 was installed alongside a number of existing Heidelberg solutions, which include a 26” x 40” Stahlfolder USA B 26 and a POLAR 115 programmable paper cutter. The company also uses Heidelberg Consumables products, including ink fountain foils and Perfect Dot blankets. Established in 1988, family-owned and operated Palm Printing employs 19 workers and primarily serves local clients. VTEC Printing & Graphics Speeds Ahead with Printmaster PM 74 Press from Heidelberg VTEC Printing & Graphics, Inc. recently experienced surges in productivity and quality with the installation of a 2-color Printmaster PM 74 press from Heidelberg. The speed and versatility of the press enable VTEC to accelerate production of its long-run two-color and short-run four-color work, including pocket folders, brochures and posters. The shop also reports improvements in quality due to the Autoplate’s register accuracy and automation when changing plates. The new PM 74 has enabled VTEC to decrease overtime for its 11 employees, resulting in cost-savings across the shop. The general commercial printer primarily services local clients, including retailers, graphic designers, distributors and other printers. The Livonia, Mich.-based printer also uses Heidelberg Consumables, including Perfect Dot blankets, PerfectPak packing paper and Suction Slow-Down O-Rings. Print Shop of Winter Park Keeps More Work In-House with Prepress, Press and Postpress Equipment from Heidelberg Print Shop of Winter Park, Fla. has expanded its capabilities to include four-color offset printing and a broader menu of prepress and postpress services with the February installation of a 4-color Printmaster PM 52 press from Heidelberg with automatic blanket wash-up and Prinect Classic Center, a 2-color Quickmaster QM 46 press with IR dryer and a POLAR 78 X high-speed programmable cutter. A new Prosetter 52 platesetter anchors the shop’s computer-to-plate (CtP) workflow. According to company president Rob Christopher, the installations permit Print Shop of Winter Park to produce more jobs in-house while working on a significantly faster schedule, keeping company profits closer to home. The printer utilizes a broad range of Heidelberg Consumables products, including Saphira Violet plates and chemistry, Perfect Dot blankets and ink fountain foils. Established in 1995, Print Shop of Winter Park, Inc. is a full-service commercial printer serving the Central Florida area for more than 10 years. Serving a local and national clientele, the company provides full offset printing capabilities, as well as silk-screening, vinyl lettering for vehicles and signs and large format digital UV outdoor printing. AdGraphics Eliminates Overtime with Three Printmaster QM 46 Presses from Heidelberg AdGraphics, a trade printer located in Lake Forest, Calif., recently invested in its first Heidelberg equipment: three 2-color Printmaster QM 46 presses. Replacing eight smaller presses, the three QM 46 presses have proven faster and more efficient than the shop’s previous solutions. AdGraphics reports that the new presses have nearly tripled its daily productivity and have eliminated shop overtime. The printer credits its success with the new equipment to fast makeready times as well as the press’ automated wash-up device, which has decreased wash-up times from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. In addition, the new QM 46 presses have enabled AdGraphics to improve quality by producing heavier solids and metallics. The trade printer also added a 4-color Printmaster QM DI 46 press to handle the bulk of its short-run four-color work. AdGraphics uses Heidelberg Consumables products, including Saphira Violet plates, Perfect Dot blankets and PerfectPak packing paper. Founded in 1981, the shop’s 24 employees serve the local and national printing industry. Premier Graphics Prepares for Mounting Volume with Fully Automated Prosetter 74 from Heidelberg When Premier Graphics installed an 8-color Speedmaster SM 74 perfector in 2005, the shop gained the ability to compete successfully in the 40-inch market and experienced increased volume. The Atlantic Highlands, N.J.-based company knew it eventually would benefit from replacing its manual Prosetter 74 platesetter with the fully automated version to keep the new press running at maximum capacity. Since the commercial printer installed the new Prosetter 74 with Multi-Cassette Loader (MCL) in February, the shop’s plate productivity has increased by approximately 150 percent. The new Prosetter, which uses Heidelberg’s Saphira Violet plates and chemistry, gets a boost from the Prinect Printready System prepress workflow solution, Prinect Signa Station impositioning and sheet assembly software and Prinect MetaDimension RIP software. The company also operates a 5-color Speedmaster SM 52 press, a Stahlfolder F50 folder and a POLAR 115 ED cutter. Established in 1988, family-owned and operated Premier Graphics employs 20 workers to run its one-shift operation. The company serves a national clientele and has an annual revenue of $4.5 million. Badger Press Boosts Bindery Capacity by 33 Percent with Heidelberg Postpress Solutions Badger Press, based in Kenosha, Wis., understands the importance of being prepared. The company recently installed a Stahlfolder USA B 26 buckle folder and a Stitchmaster ST 90 six-pocket saddlestitcher from Heidelberg to increase bindery capacity to handle the output from a new 5-color, 40-inch Speedmaster press with coater, due to arrive this fall. According to company president Todd Bundies, the addition of the folder and stitcher have increased Badger’s bindery capacity by 33 percent and already enabled the company to add more products – primarily books and magazines - to its service repertoire. The 68-year-old company hosts an all-Heidelberg pressroom equipped with nine hardworking Heidelberg presses, including two 5-color Speedmaster CD 102 presses, a pair of 5-color Heidelberg MOF-H presses, a 2-color Speedmaster SM 74 with perfector, and a 1-color SORD, as well as Heidelberg SBD, KSBA and Windmill Platen equipment for diecutting and letterpress. With $4.5 million in annual revenue, Badger Press houses 45 employees and serves regional business and manufacturing clients. PEPPER PRINTING Adds POLAR 115 XT Cutter and Prinect Compucut to All-Heidelberg Shop PEPPER PRINTING recently upgraded bindery equipment to include a new POLAR 115 XT high-speed cutter with Autotrim to increase volume and speed in its bindery. Since the new cutter was added to the all-Heidelberg shop, PEPPER PRINTING has saved approximately two hours of cutting time per day. The Cincinnati, Ohio-based printer also installed Heidelberg’s Prinect Compucut software, which has significantly decreased makeready times and simplified complex cutting applications. With the new cutter and the software in place, the specialty printer easily can create cutting programs with as many as 30 various-sized labels on one sheet. A Heidelberg customer since its establishment in 1991, PEPPER PRINTING’s 35 employees produce labels for luxury product manufacturers by generating detailed multi-color work with complex applications, such as metallics and foils.

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