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Quantum Color Graphics Gives Credit To New Special Blanket Cleaning Service From Heidelberg

Press release from the issuing company

KENNESAW, Ga., June 28, 2006 – Quantum Color Graphics recently discovered the time- and labor-saving advantages of Heidelberg’s Special Cleaning Service for Modular Blanket Wash Systems on its 8-color Speedmaster CD 102 press. The new cleaning service is a systemservice program designed to relieve customers of the time-consuming burden of manual cleaning while ensuring consistently high productivity and print quality. Quantum uses its Speedmaster CD 102 press to print a wide variety of complex commercial print jobs for a national clientele. In the past, the shop had to pull out its modular blanket wash units approximately every four weeks to perform a thorough manual cleaning. Over time, ink build-up and clogging of the spray nozzles made manual cleaning increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Quantum needed a solution that would enable it to continue producing the high quality printing its customers had come to expect - without adding unnecessary time and labor for regularly scheduled maintenance. Heidelberg USA’s systemservice provided the answer to Quantum’s needs with its new special cleaning service. Heidelberg’s Special Cleaning Service enables “all-at-once” cleaning, which ensures uninterrupted production by using temporary replacement modules. Ultrasonic waves automatically dissolve encrusted color, algae slime and dirt residues at all positions, even inside the spray bars. In addition, the connected pneumatic pump enables complete rinsing of all spray bars and spray nozzles. Since 1999, Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 presses have been equipped with automatic Modular Blanket Wash Systems that must be cleaned three times a year to deliver optimum cleaning results. Richard Mack, director of systemservice business development, Heidelberg USA noted, “Manual cleaning with solvents, brushes, compressed air or even high pressure cleaners is difficult and time consuming. If spray bars are not cleaned correctly, wash performance will be reduced. It also takes skill to remove sediments composed of algae and dirt particles that collect in the nozzle apertures.” Not cleaning the modular blanket washers on a regular basis increases the need for maintenance and repair, including replacement of spray bars and other wearing parts at a cost of $2,700 per unit. With the new solution in place, Quantum Color’s Pressroom Manager Ted Cnota said, "We could not believe how clean the units were when we got them back after the Heidelberg Cleaning Service was performed. They basically looked brand new. We could not have done this manually,” he added. Heidelberg calculates that regular cleaning of the spray bars and brush can shorten the washing cycle by 20 percent. Assuming an annual consumption of 300 gallons per unit, customers stand to save 60 gallons of washing agent per year with the new Special Cleaning Service. Regular cleaning also extends the life of brush rollers and reduces the expense of exchange. Based on the successful implementation of the new Special Cleaning Service for Modular Blanket Wash Systems and other systemservice solutions, Mack says, “Heidelberg will continue to expand its systemservice offerings to help our customers reach higher productivity with their equipment. We are committed to empowering our customers to focus on serving their customers while relying on Heidelberg's products and services to ensure a stable production environment.” Based in Morton Grove, Ill., Quantum Color Graphics has been a satisfied Heidelberg customer since the company opened its doors in 1992. In addition to the 8-color Speedmaster CD 102, the shop’s Heidelberg-intensive pressroom also hosts one Speedmaster CD 102 6-color LYL with in-line UV and aqueous coating and extended delivery, a second Speedmaster CD 102 6-color with in-line aqueous coating and extended delivery, and one Speedmaster SM 102 5-color Classic Perfector with in-line aqueous coating and extended delivery. In the company’s full-service, on-site bindery, a pair of POLAR EMC paper cutters, three 26x40” Stahlfolders and a Stahl 6-pocket stitcher lend finishing support.

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