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New KODAK SPOTLESS Printing Solution Version 2.0 Delivers More Spot Colors with Less Cost and Greater Freedom

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 22 -- The new KODAK SPOTLESS Printing Solution Version 2.0 unleashes a wider spectrum of spot colors with greater flexibility for marketers and a more efficient production process for printers. SPOTLESS software enables graphic communications providers to simulate spot colors with process inks, delivering the marketing and production value of spot colors without the spot color ink costs. The SPOTLESS printing solution also does away with native file editing and eliminates the need for reformulation or proprietary inks. The next generation SPOTLESS printing solution adds the ability to generate five and seven color screen tint recipes in addition to the previous four and six color recipe capability, thereby expanding the gamut and increasing the number of spot colors that can be accurately and consistently simulated. Fort Dearborn Company of Elk Grove Village, Ill., one of America's largest packaging printers, is using KODAK SPOTLESS software to deliver unique seven color printing that provides bold, vibrant labels and reduces the need for spot color inks. "The SPOTLESS printing solution is a fantastic tool that has automated our front end workflow. We take the final PDF files from the designer, which contain spot colors, and run them through the SPOTLESS software and our color library," said Amir Uddin, Director of Quality and Technical Services, Fort Dearborn. "The conversions are automatic, so we can print the files without spot color inks. For shorter runs, especially, the savings are enormous." The SPOTLESS printing solution features enhanced accuracy for superior recipe generation. Users can specify ink constraints for SPOTLESS software color recipes, e.g., limiting to three or four inks per screen tint build. For marketers, the SPOTLESS printing solution means they can more cost effectively produce packaging with multiple spot colors or customize promotional offers within the same press run. Print providers can be a more flexible partner with their customers at the same time that they take advantage of a new revenue opportunity, all made possible by software that integrates seamlessly with KODAK PRINERGY workflow system. "Spot colors are everywhere, especially in packaging, and while most people don't realize it, they're powerful in delivering a consistent brand message. They have visual impact and shelf appeal, and, ultimately, they drive sales. Spot colors have also been expensive to reproduce, so creative freedom and marketing flexibility have been reduced," said Arjen van der Meulen, Product Manager, Color and Press Services, Kodak's Graphic Communications Group. "Not anymore. The SPOTLESS printing solution replaces the downsides of spot colors with manufacturing efficiency. No more costly inks, long makereadies, time consuming ink changes and wash ups, or multiple passes to add spot colors." KODAK SQUARESPOT thermal imaging technology, which generates consistent plate imaging and precise edge definition, enables the accurate process blends created by SPOTLESS software. A SQUARESPOT thermal head is recommended for the SPOTLESS printing solution, and can be installed or is available on any KODAK TRENDSETTER, LOTEM or MAGNUS platesetter.