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Responsive Solutions Showcases Variable Data Printing At ON DEMAND

Press release from the issuing company

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, May 11, 2006 - Responsive Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a full-service technology company with headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL, will be highlighting its revamped Variable Data Printing application at ON DEMAND 2006. Designed to offer VDP solutions of even higher value to print providers' clients, the application is part of RSI's new CUSTOMER+, a suite of fully integrated applications for the complete management of marketing collateral that will debut at the show. Visiting print service providers who participate in a demonstration of CUSTOMER+ will be eligible to try the new Variable Data Printing module to manage a campaign targeting their prospects. (Information will be available at RSI's booth 3339.) Brian Dodd, director of business development, RSI, says, "CUSTOMER+ can enable print providers to stay several years ahead of the competition by allowing them to become an extension of their clients' business. As digital, one-to-one marketing messages with innovative approaches increasingly become the communications tool of choice, our VDP capabilities can be marketed by print providers as a way to facilitate clients' growth, by greatly enhancing their ability to acquire and retain their own clients." To that end, says Edward Ford, chief technical officer for RSI, "The new VDP module leverages the capabilities of the entire CUSTOMER+ suite, including digital asset management, fulfillment and customization, with unlimited scalability. It thus offers print providers' clients the ability to maximize the use of best-of-breed, 21st century marketing tools to increase their business." As one important feature of the new VDP module, says Ford, unlike competing applications that require the print service provider to facilitate administration, RSI's feature set includes easy-to-use, client-driven tools that give clients the choice to administer their own marketing supply chain initiatives, thereby decreasing the costs for the print provider. The module also offers a new, robust digital asset management capability that allows clients to easily find, meta-tag, and reformat on the fly, and to reuse assets in a variety of self-managed campaigns and/or distributed sales and marketing channels. A third new feature leverages RSI's digital asset management capabilities to accomplish the critical task of font management with complete consistency. "Among the greatest benefits of our tools," notes Dodd, "is that the client/user interface remains consistent regardless of what applications are being used by the print providers' clients. And on the back end, the print service provider is freed from having to mix and match between competing systems' multi-platforms, because everything is fully integrated and functional in a common easy-to-use interface." Noting that the new VDP module allows the print provider's clients to participate in every facet of the VDP workflow, Ford explains, "Our application frees providers and their clients from a preproduction process that is cumbersome, expensive and risky. Instead of having to go constantly back and forth with the printer, the client's marketing department can start designing with a blank page, develop and customize pieces using variable data, add new images, change text, upload mailing lists, proof, order, and finally submit the finished -more - product to the printer for production-all online. Using our technology, the printer's client can create one-to-one marketing pieces with more ease, smaller budgets, and greater effectiveness, while the print provider can create new revenue streams by offering a superior VDP product to companies from the smallest to the largest." Thanks to the linked capabilities of the CUSTOMER+ suite, the VDP module can be used to create any number of pieces, allowing clients to easily develop an entire marketing campaign with as much complexity of customization as desired. With infinite mapping capabilities and an integrated PURL (personalized URL) system that allows the user to actively collect data, the module can also scale up with the client's business. Users can, for example, track the results of a multi-level VDP campaign and then use that data as the basis for changing the next campaign. RSI's Variable Data Printing application includes the ability to tailor text and images per piece for more effective messages; to maximize digital output devices with customer-driven templates and procedures to create customized one-to-one marketing campaigns; to connect to current back-end workflow with PPML or other output options; to use existing databases to drive customization by mapping and viewing customer data in real time; to separate output images logically to take advantage of bulk mail rates; to allow customers to map and view mailing list data in real time; to add RSI modules seamlessly; and to interface with current systems with RSI's Systems Integration module. "With the continuing rapid changes in digital printing, "says Dodd, "print service providers are also having to evolve, first into providers of communications services and then of marketing supply chain logistics. As they partner with their clients in this evolution, the ultimate step is to become gurus of marketing effectiveness." "RSI's Variable Data Printing module, along with the rest of our CUSTOMER+ suite, is ready to take print service providers to whatever level they wish to reach," concludes Dodd. "Providers who can market themselves as a facilitator of their clients' growth will be the ones who advance the farthest, and RSI's tools are the ones that will get them there the fastest."

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