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X-Rite Introduces Personalized Color Management Training Program Within i1 Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, NY - October 18, 2007 - PDN PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo International Trade Show - X-Rite Incorporated, the world leader in color management and color measurement solutions, today announced the launch of X-Rite i1Defined (http://www.xrite.com/aboutdefined) at Photo District News PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo, October 18-20 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Debuting in booth 918, X-Rite i1Defined consists of two tiers: the flash-based X-Rite i1Experience - a user-controlled interactive training CD that comes with all X-Rite i1Solutions; and the web-based X-Rite i1Personal Color Trainer (PCT), one-on-one remote personalized training with a color management expert with select i1 solutions.
PPE, the industry's largest and most comprehensive photography expo and educational conference, provides an ideal setting for showcasing X-Rite's user-centric approach to the marketplace. It also reflects the kind of enhanced technological development that continues to emerge as a result of the company's merger with former international color leader GretagMacbeth. Read more about the latest color management solutions and special show promotions from X-Rite at PPE. (www.XritePhoto.com)
"i1Defined elevates the out-of-the-box experience," states Iris Mangelschots, X-Rite Vice-President of Imaging & Media. "This is the first truly personalized training program bundled with color management solutions. i1 customers will easily find answers to their color questions through our flexible interactive training software. Purchasers of advanced i1 solutions will also receive personalized workflow coaching with a color expert."
Color Fundamentals In A Flash
The first level of X-Rite i1Defined, the X-Rite i1Experience, comes with each new i1 solution. That fact alone makes the training program unique. Yet X-Rite i1Experience delivers much more. It leverages the latest flash-based interactive training technology in a user-controlled CD to deliver an overview of fundamental color concepts, system basics, and digital workflow foundations in a humanized and easy-to-understand way.
Users choose the topics and pacing, and process information according to specific need, ensuring a quick system start regardless of digital workflow or initial level of understanding. Then, as they progress, the innovative program serves as a continuous resource any time users need a handy reference.
Direct, Efficient Color Management Expertise
X-Rite i1Photo, i1Photo SG, i1Proof and i1XT purchasers also have one i1Personal Color Trainer (PCT) session available to them. The X-Rite i1Defined's second tier, i1PCT is one-on-one remote training with a color management expert. The trainer personalizes a web-based session around the customer, and can interact directly with the user's computer to address specific workflow issues. The hour-long training covers system basics along with how to make ICC profiles and (more important) how to use those profiles to get the desired color results quickly and easily day-to-day, project-to-project - from capture to monitor to final output. The i1PCT trainers who lead these free sessions are experts in photo, design, prepress, large format printing, fine art and all the color disciplines where select i1 solutions are used.
Seeing Is Believing: Personalized Training Innovation
The i1PCT training concept has personalized methodology at its very core. This level of X-Rite i1Defined leverages cutting-edge web-based training technology to interact directly with the user's computer. The i1PCT color management trainers are able to show users how to implement the i1 technology they have just purchased directly into their specific digital workflow. After completing their one chosen i1PCT session, additional sessions are available to users as needed. For further information: http://www.xrite.com/aboutdefined.
In essence, i1PCT was developed to enhance the experience and expertise of customers regarding:
- X-Rite i1Photo - a system for complete color-precise digital workflow, including the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras, RGB printers and digital projectors as well as capture natural light conditions with a revolutionary ambient light head. Powered by the X-Rite i1Pro - the industry's only true handheld spectrophotometer, X-Rite i1Photo offers photographers as well as other digital imaging professionals exceptional features for color accuracy. A backup board with white surface scans materials up to 3mm and folds for easy transport. The highly sophisticated ruler system enables easy one hand scanning operation, while it eliminates tedious "one-at-a-time" patch reading.
- X-Rite i1Photo SG - a system that delivers all the benefits of the i1Photo including the X-Rite Digital ColorChecker (SG), a semi-gloss chart for profiling the digital camera environment
- X-Rite i1Proof - a sophisticated solution for CMYK workflows requiring more robust color needs with advanced CMYK output profiling makes this the best package for anyone using a Postscript RIP. Other great features include the ability to profile digital projectors, edit profiles, measure and share spot and PANTONE colors and measure lighting conditions
- X-Rite i1XT - a total system for measuring and controlling color on digital cameras, scanners, displays and printers of all types-even digital projectors-with the complete i1Beamer kit included.
Something For Everyone: Engaging Color Training Worldwide
Existing customers interested in i1PCT training will have access to special pricing through an X-Rite i1Defined loyalty promotion.
For those who want training beyond i1Defined, X-Rite offers technical support forums across media - from web-based tutorials to on-site workshops and seminars to take users to the next level in engaging ways. Whether its hands-on foundation in ICC color management in a specific industry or deep training on a specific application, the X-Rite Color Experts will help make "your color work for you." PhotoPlus Expo attendees are eligible for special discounts, for more information speak to an X-Rite Color Services representative in booth 918.
X-Rite, a leader in educational training also sponsors a wide range of expertly run workshops and seminars some of which include:
Digesting Digital- Joseph Cartright & Christopher Lynch, Greg Gorman Digital Workshop-Mendocino, The Fine Art of Digital Printing R. Mac Holbert & John Paul Coponigro, D-65 Workshop - Seth Resnick, Digital Photography Workshops by Stephen Johnson, Apple Aperture Professional Users Network Road Tour
Attendees at this year's PPE, can learn more about i1Defined's innovative training from X-Rite, including the all-new i1Experience and i1PCT. Highlights include:
- How to implement the correct color management techniques with newly purchased i1 technology from the start.
- How to create the best input, monitor and ICC printer profiles.
- How to implement profiles in desktop applications as well as basic digital workflow.
- How to avoid costly issues and problems when implementing color management in a sophisticated digital workflow.
"The all-new X-Rite i1Defined reflects the ways in which we continue to approach the marketplace and deliver our technology to photographers and greater creative communities to ensure a comfort with color management right from the very start. Our goal is to improve overall user satisfaction with the out-of-the box experience, and help them realize a tangible ROI almost immediately," Mangelschots says.