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Mohawk Helps Save the Planet, One Copy at a Time

Press release from the issuing company

COHOES, N.Y., April 21 -- Huh? Help save the planet by making copies? You have got to be kidding, right? Consider this: If 500,000 people printed their copies on recycled paper for one year (10 copies per week), the environmental savings is equivalent to: * 368,488 trees not cut down * 16,606,711 lbs. of solid waste not generated * 32,455,606 lbs. of atmospheric emissions eliminated * 212,111,926,005 BTUs of energy not consumed And if that paper is recycled AND made with windpower: * 4,587,220 lbs. of air emissions is not generated (including carbon dioxide and sulphur) In other words, this amount of wind energy is equivalent to: * Planting 310,547 trees * And taking 409 cars off of the road for a year According to the U.S. Census, 500,000 people represents about 1% of the U.S. population, and a mere decimal point of the population in developed nations. Imagine the savings if one half-million people switched to recycled paper made with windpower for two years. Five years. Ten years. Printing on recycled paper for that time is the equivalent of replenishing our forests with over three million trees. Obviously, if one billion people in the world stopped driving, switched to solar energy and stopped making copies altogether, greenhouse emissions would plummet. But let's be realistic: that is not going to happen. Yet each of us makes a substantive impact on the environment, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, by making a more thoughtful selection of the paper we choose. Looking for a paper with recycled content is a start. Selecting a paper that is also manufactured with non-polluting energy is even better for our planet. Look for "windpower" on the label of the paper you purchase. There is only one copy paper that meets those criteria in the U.S. Mohawk Color Copy 100% PCW. For a list of retailers, contact Mohawk at 1-800 the mill. Mohawk Fine Papers is the only paper mill in the country to make 100% PCW (postconsumer waste) premium copy paper with non-polluting windpower. In fact, Mohawk is the only paper mill in the country to make its papers with windpower. Mohawk currently purchases 45 million kWh of windpower, which is equal to the amount of energy used to power approximately 5,000 average U.S. homes per year.

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