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Next Generation KODAK VERIS Digital Proofer Launches at IPEX 2006

Press release from the issuing company

BIRMINGHAM, U.K., April 4 -- The next generation of the KODAK VERIS digital proofer helps customers achieve superior color accuracy and proofing productivity. Major enhancements include an inline spectrophotometer, an improved gamut ink set, new high performance proofing media and a new Certified Process for confirming color. Using KODAK MULTI DROP ARRAY imaging, the VERIS digital proofer serves as a premium inkjet solution for prepress professionals who need the utmost in color precision and proof accuracy. The next generation of the VERIS digital proofer, which also boasts a new look, launches at IPEX 2006. “The next generation KODAK VERIS proofer represents the new standard in contract color proofing,” said Brad Palmer, General Manager, Proofing and Color, Kodak. “The new features further enhance proof production and productivity, producing extremely accurate, affordable proofs that meet color standards worldwide, including full FOGRA, SICOGIF and PPA compliance.” Next generation VERIS digital proofers feature an inline spectrophotometer, which enables automated color calibration to maximize color precision, save costs and prevent errors in both production and remote proofing applications. The inline spectrophotometer utilizes X-RITE spectrophotometer technology. To consistently set customer expectations that proofs will accurately predict the final print, the VERIS digital proofer also supports two Certified Processes from Kodak, the established Certified Process for Proofing and the new Certified Process for Color Confirmation. Certified Processes from Kodak secure customer confidence by checking that the right steps are done in the right order with the right data. The new Certified Process for Color Confirmation checks that the proof was generated according to in house or industry color standards, helping press operators and print buyers communicate and confirm color expectations before going to press. It also confirms that the correct profile, ink and media were used, a much more accurate process than checking the color bar alone. The inline spectrophotometer fully automates the Certified Process for Color Confirmation, making it simple to deliver proofs with extremely high levels of accuracy. “The VERIS digital proofer is already an extremely stable device,” said Andrea Ferrari, Prepress and Technical Office Manager of Pozzoli S.p.A., a graphic design company specializing in packaging for the music, home video and publishing markets. “Day after day, the color deviation remains unchanged and within the Delta E value, guaranteeing our customers a color proof that delivers extreme predictability to the final print.” The new inline spectrophotometer takes advantage of this outstanding stability by allowing users to quickly check the color calibration of each sheet automatically, updating the calibration status proof by proof, thereby effectively eliminating the need to stop production for weekly calibration verifications. The improved gamut ink set and new high performance proofing media further facilitate the VERIS proofer’s ability to accurately represent a wide gamut of colors. The new VERIS ProPack GA Plus ink provides an enhanced magenta ink hue to achieve more saturated red and magenta tones. The new VERIS Pro PressWhite SM250 media improves the ability to match bright and fluorescent offset printing stocks and more easily simulate press paper tints. Both the new ink and media have been specially formulated to greatly improve resistance to fingerprinting and smudging. The VERIS proofer has already been recognized by most major international color organizations. It is FOGRA compliant, SWOP certified, PANTONE approved, SICOGIF certified and PPA accredited. “The combination of an inline spectrophotometer and the new Certified Process for Color Confirmation delivers automated proof certification, which is particularly valuable in remote proofing applications,” noted Eddy Houba, Director, Inkjet & Color Solutions, Kodak EAMER. “And the new ink and media set make it much easier to proof to the most demanding color standards.” The VERIS digital proofer provides high resolution continuous tone proofs using KODAK MULTI DROP ARRAY imaging, which produces a flow of extremely small and precisely formed ink droplets placed at 1500 x 1500 dpi at production speeds. Printing with a wide color gamut that encompasses all popular printing standards, MULTI DROP ARRAY imaging allows the VERIS proofer to deliver exacting colors, smooth vignettes, outstanding shadow detail, and fine text clarity.

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