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BarkerBlue Upgrades to Advanced Oce Large Format Digital Printing Solution to Boost Productivity and Flexibility

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, March 21 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, announced that BarkerBlue Digital Imaging has upgraded its digital printing services with the purchase of four Oce TDS800 Pro Series large format printing systems and will soon upgrade its workflow system to Oce Repro Desk Professional print automation software. This acquisition represents a migration for the reprographer's San Mateo, CA based facility from its original Oce 9800 large format printers. Now, BarkerBlue is experiencing enhanced image quality with state-of-the-art, automated technology that has significantly increased productivity and workflow flexibility across its entire fleet of large format printers. As a result, BarkerBlue is able to offer its customers a higher level of speed, accuracy and quality in an increasingly competitive marketplace. While BarkerBlue's roots are in traditional reprographic service offerings, the shop has proven to be a catalyst for change in the industry. BarkerBlue CEO Gene Klein -- the immediate past chairman of the board of the ReproMAX network and current board member -- has consistently pushed the traditional paradigms of the reprographic business, from converting to digital copying to adopting online planroom technology. Upgrading to the highly productive Oce TDS800 Pro Series (a system providing concurrent scanning, printing and copying functions with automated finishing) and Oce Repro Desk Professional software (which provides the flexibility and control of dynamic workload balancing) is yet another example of Klein's leading edge mentality. Ultimately, the combination of the Oce TDS800 Pro Series with Repro Desk Professional software will help BarkerBlue to automate the management of its fleet of printers by optimizing the productivity of each machine. "At BarkerBlue, we have always tried to stay ahead of the curve with regard to digital imaging and document management technology," commented Klein. "I believe in having the latest solutions to run my business, and Oce consistently makes this possible through seamless upgrade services and cutting-edge products." BarkerBlue Demonstrates Consistent Leading-Edge Innovation BarkerBlue's reputation as a leader in the field of reprographic services dates back to when Klein first revolutionized the San Mateo shop with the purchase of an Oce 9800 large format digital printer in 1998, purchased solely as a plotting machine for the shop's diazo department. Impressed by the Oce 9800's robust workload capacity and operation, Klein completely eliminated BarkerBlue's diazo department, replacing it with six Oce 9800 series machines and marking a major shift to digital printing. Additionally, BarkerBlue was the first reprographer in its market to deploy Web-based electronic plan room services. Klein notes that the emergence of online plan rooms has now moved into a core offering for members of ReproMAX, the largest international network of independent reprographic companies. "We pushed for the online planroom as a way to remain competitive and offer progressive services to our customers, and the Oce 9800's worked beautifully as the back-end of the system," said Klein. Affordable and Seamless Upgrade Made Possible through Oce OPTIMIZE.IT Program A positive existing relationship made Oce the natural vendor of choice when BarkerBlue decided to upgrade to the Oce TDS800 Pro Series and Repro Desk Professional software. Justifying the total cost to replace a paid-for, efficiently operating system and investing the resources to make a seamless transition were the concerns facing the digital imaging shop. However, Oce was able to create a cost-effective upgrade path, while the company's services and support team ensured a smooth migration even during an extremely busy production time for BarkerBlue. The Oce OPTIMIZE.IT usage-based program was an essential part of ensuring that BarkerBlue was able to upgrade to a more productive and advanced digital printing solution while also controlling overall costs. The Oce OPTIMIZE.IT program offers reprographers the Oce TDS800 Pro with no upfront investment required. Reprographers like BarkerBlue can quickly scale up to address growing print volumes without risk. In this case, BarkerBlue was able to configure its workflow to have more systems per operator, less overtime and decreased pre-production time. Additionally, the shop's bids and back office accounting were streamlined as well, since all costs (equipment, software, service and toner) are invoiced in one cost per square foot calculation and fixed for the term of the contract. "The OPTIMIZE.IT program is a true partnership between Oce and the reprographer. It gets the emphasis away from buying machines as capital equipment (which depreciates) and instead correctly views them as tools that we need on an everyday basis," said Klein. "BarkerBlue made a sound business decision in utilizing all the benefits of the Oce OPTIMIZE.IT program," commented Sal Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing, Oce Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America. "Now he has the best technology available in the reprographic market today in his shop, enabling him to remain at the forefront of providing profitable, top-notch digital imaging services." Proactive Approach Prevents Technology Obsolescence and Customer Dissatisfaction In terms of upgrading to new equipment and technology platforms, Klein insists reprographers must embrace the transition sooner rather than later. "Reprographers should make the move now," Klein insists. "It can be very disruptive to both the reprographer and the customers to encounter obsolescence suddenly, and that is what happens when you are not proactive. "Reprographers must consider the value that upgrading provides to overall workflow and productivity. The current trend toward network printing in a fleet environment and efficiently balancing workload is the driving force between a productive or unproductive shop," advises Klein.

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