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Watkiss Announces New Products At IPEX 2006

Press release from the issuing company

Watkiss Automation Ltd specialises in providing collating, booklet making and print finishing solutions for both offset litho and digital print operations in the graphic arts, inplant and general commercial printing marketplace. The company operates internationally, selling throughout the world. Watkiss is well known as a leading innovator in print finishing technology and the company’s exhibits at Ipex are no exception. WATKISS POWERSQUARE200 An innovative new binding machine for digital print applications At Ipex 2006 Watkiss Automation is launching a totally new binding machine. The Watkiss PowerSquare200 is a new and innovative complete book making system for digital print applications. In a single machine it combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack books up to 200 pages thick. The unit features fully automatic setting for different book sizes, including variable stitch leg length for varying book thickness. The maximum book thickness, of 10mm (200 pages 80gsm), is double that of alternative conventional booklet making machines. This makes the PowerSquare200 a fast and cost effective alternative to perfect binding or spine taping. Since it will also produce books from only a few sheets, it provides a single book making solution for documents from 8 through to 200 pages. The PowerSquare will be demonstrated online to an Océ VP2110 digital printer producing a wide range of different books. It will also be shown as a standalone offline unit. Further details about the PowerSquare will be announced at Ipex. SQUAREBACK BOOKS Adopted by other manufacturers as the new standard for saddle stitched books Watkiss SquareBack book production will be taking place on at least six different manufacturers’ exhibition stands at Ipex 2006. The SquareBack book is now the accepted (and expected) standard for saddle stitched books, being increasingly specified by print buyers as the preferred finish. SquareBack books have the square-spined superior appearance of a perfect bound book, but with the security of a stitched spine. They lie flat and are easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk of loose pages and you can print on the spine. SquareBack books are produced on the new PowerSquare 200 (see above) and on the Watkiss SpineMaster which operates online to all Watkiss finishing systems and those of other manufacturers. DIGITAL PRINT FINISHING SOLUTIONS Watkiss Document Finishing System gives fast, flexible finishing for nearline and offline applications Watkiss will be exhibiting the Document Finishing System (DFS), the perfect solution for digital printers needing fast flexible finishing. It is a nearline multi-function finisher which operates as a sheet feeder, cover inserter & booklet-maker for electronically collated sets; or as a standard collator and booklet-maker for batch-printed sets. The DFS features a barcode reader and variable data option. This provides multi-level security verification of every sheet, set and document. It controls the insertion of covers and multiple additional sheets for customised sets. It extends variable data beyond the printer to the finisher; with the potential for each set or document to include a different combination of additional inserted sheets. By adding a connecting bridge the system operates online, as a fully integrated finisher, to a wide range of digital printers including Kodak NexPress, Kodak DigiMaster and virtually all Océ cut-sheet printers. THE WATKISS DIGIVAC COLLATING SYSTEM The Watkiss DigiVAC offers a completely unique concept in collating and booklet-making - non-stop production. At the heart of this is the revolutionary patented suction feed system, which feeds sheets from the bottom of the paper stack. This means that the operator can reload the bins whilst the machine is still running, before the bins actually run out, so there is no down-time. A conventional collator may be standing idle as much as 50% of the time whilst the operator is reloading the machine, so the productivity gains of the DigiVAC are easy to see. It also reduces the capital outlay required. Until now, the only way to obtain continual running was to purchase double the number of feed bins or towers in order to allow bin linking or grouping - with the DigiVAC this is no longer necessary. The DigiVAC collator can be fitted with online booklet-making systems featuring heavy duty stitch heads or staple heads using pre-formed staples, according to customer requirements. The DigiVAC is ideally suited to digital print applications - it is very gentle on delicate digitally printed stocks and is extremely simple to operate; needing no special paper-handling skills. Because it can be loaded on the run, there is no down-time; and so time critical jobs are finished faster. WATKISS VARIO COLLATING AND FINISHING SYSTEM The Watkiss Vario is the only truly modular (bin by bin) vertical collator in the world. This means that it is especially well suited to users with custom requirements as they can specify the precise machine configuration to match their particular needs. Modularity also means that machines can be upgraded or enlarged at any time, with long term compatibility assured. A full range of ancillary on-line finishing equipment for jogging, stacking, stitching, folding and trimming are available. NEW RIGO BINDER AND GUILLOTINE FOR UK CUSTOMERS In the UK, Watkiss Automation supply Rigó perfect binders and guillotines. Exhibits will include the Lamibind range of perfect binders which includes three different models (the 340, 380 and 420) and a variety of customer specified options. Books up to 50mm thick with spine lengths up to 420mm can be bound. They are ideally suited to short-medium run lengths, with a maximum production of 260 books per hour. Two new Rigó products will be on show, including a high volume perfect binder which is capable of producing up to 550 books per hour and is designed for the professional user. A new 520mm automatic guillotine will also be on show.

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