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Increased magazine production leads Mediatrykk, Norway, to upgrade

Press release from the issuing company

November 21st, 2005 – Capitalizing on the modularity of the Goss Universal press series, Norwegian contract printer Mediatrykk AS in Bergen has recently changed the focus of its business by moving more towards magazine printing. Ottar Hummelsund, Managing Director at Mediatrykk, explains “With one of the highest readerships per capita in the world, newspapers in Norway have always been king. For many years, we have provided a comprehensive contract printing capability to this market, but recently an accelerated increase in commercial work has led us to add to our heatset capacity.” The Goss Universal press series was designed to be modular from the outset, giving printers the opportunity to be flexible with their future production. “We have been extremely pleased and satisfied with our existing Universal 50 press, and the superior quality of print we have been delivering to our customers. The possibility to extend the capabilities of the press will enable us to further penetrate the demanding commercial print market.” The original Universal press, commissioned in 2000, consists of four, four-high printing towers, with a 56 cm cut-off and 91.4 cm web width. Two folders are employed to provide optimum flexibility for the three coldset webs and one heatset web. The extension to the press will include a further two Universal four-high printing towers with associated reelstands. One of the towers will be equipped with special spray bars, new control equipment and chilled oscillating drums to enable a simple switch to heatset production. In addition, upgrades to the existing towers and folders, including new improved web control guides, will give improved print quality and cleaner copy into the folder. “We have already won a considerable variety of contract print work with runs ranging from 3,000 to 300,000 copies. To maintain our growth and take advantage of the new opportunities in the Norwegian market, the Goss project will double our capability for heatset production, as well as providing extra coldset color pages.” The new opportunity in Norway also includes heatset sections for the contract newspapers printed by Mediatrykk. “The publishing landscape is changing in Norway,” concludes Ottar. “Quality is top of the agenda, together with flexibility of pagination and format. Thanks to the flexibility of the Goss Universal press series, we are able to respond to the changes, both now and in the long-term future.”