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SAGEE Publications Launches Author Care System Using Cadmus Communications' ArticleWorks

Press release from the issuing company

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 24 -- Cadmus Communications Corporation today announced that SAGE Publications is launching a new author care system using Cadmus' ArticleWorks content-on-demand delivery system. SAGE, publisher of over 400 scholarly journals, has developed the author care system in order to enhance their communications with authors -- the author care system will provide valuable information to authors about their published articles as well as providing access to electronic reprints (e-prints) from ArticleWorks. SAGE's new author care system will integrate ArticleWorks with SAGE's infrastructure and production systems to automate the information flow from publisher to author, providing more meaningful communications and reducing administrative costs. Cadmus' ArticleWorks will provide the infrastructure for SAGE to provide article e-prints in a more timely manner than is currently possible with traditional printed reprints, and will also provide authors with a simple and easy way to order additional e-prints and reprints on demand. "The number of articles published by SAGE continues to increase and this has placed an administrative burden on SAGE. Our author care system will allow us to communicate more effectively with authors and provide them with useful information about their articles, including the article DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers), reprint and permission information, and the article/issue URL for future use," stated Carol Richman, Director of Licensing at SAGE Publications. "We wanted to create an online environment where we could not only proactively share with authors important information about their articles and fulfill author e-prints, but also provide authors a forum through which they can communicate with SAGE, sign-up for additional SAGE services, or purchase additional author reprints or e-prints. Our new author care system was designed to perform those functions as a byproduct of our publishing system and we are very pleased with the results." "What really attracted SAGE to the ArticleWorks solution is that the system has a digital rights management (DRM) component that is very easy for the end-user. We can set the number of complimentary copies we want to deliver and the system gives the author the option to easily order additional copies if they need more," added Richman. "In addition, we can take advantage of ArticleWorks' print-on-demand option to provide authors with an automated method for ordering and re-ordering both e-prints and reprints. Cadmus has worked very closely with SAGE throughout the discussions, planning, and implementation of this new system." "We believe that ArticleWorks is a very powerful system for publishers who want to make their content available for sale online, but who are concerned about protecting their copyright. The DRM protection of articles delivered through ArticleWorks is very unobtrusive to the user and does not require any plug-ins or separate software downloads," commented Hai Tran, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Cadmus. "Working with SAGE has been very rewarding as they have developed a very unique way to better serve their authors and in the process reduce administrative costs and create new revenue opportunities. This innovative application of ArticleWorks demonstrates the versatility of our content on demand platform and opens up new opportunities for both Cadmus and other publishers to provide a better experience to the author community." ArticleWorks is a comprehensive content delivery and digital rights management (DRM) system with complete e-commerce functionality that enables publishers and other content providers to deliver content on demand in either printed or secure electronic formats. Other publishers and content providers currently using ArticleWorks include Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law, the American Society of Investigative Pathology, Infotrieve, and Elsevier.