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GretagMacbeth Announces Eye-One Pro Now Fully Supported by FujiFilm FinalProof GxT

Press release from the issuing company

NEW WINDSOR, N.Y., September 2005 – GretagMacbeth, the worldwide leader in color measurement technology and color management solutions, announces the Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer is now fully supported by Proof Director Pro version 3.x to calibrate and linearize the Fujifilm FinalProof GxT digital halftone proofer. The Eye-One Pro is an excellent compliment to the FinalProof GxT, a digital halftone proofing technology that has expanded the color gamut and now includes green, orange, red, blue, opaque white and metallic, in addition to the traditional CMYK ink sets. Fujifilm’s FinalProof GxT system is calibrated using gray reference data instead of dot percentages ensuring neutrals are always gray balanced. “The Eye-One offers our FinalProof customers additional functionality as well as providing consistent and accurate measurement data to the Proof Director Pro software,” explains John Vukovich, product manager, digital color proofing, for Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc., a Fujifilm Company. The same industry standard Eye-One Pro device, that provides all of the tools necessary to implement a color managed CMYK workflow, can now be used to calibrate and linearize the Fujifilm FinalProof GxT digital halftone proofer. One device allows for the measurement of emissive and reflective objects, spot colors and flash/ambient light. With the Eye-One Pro, users can calibrate and profile monitors, CMYK output devices, scanners and digital projectors. “By choosing the Eye-One, users can ensure accurate color output by calibrating and then profiling their Fujifilm’s FinalProof GxT,” explains Mark Geeves, VP of Business Development at GretagMacbeth. “The Eye-One provides fast and accurate chart reading in less than one minute. It also gives users a number of added capabilities, including the ability to measure and compare various spot colors and measure ambient light.” To meet the needs of various color management users, from beginner to professional, across multiple industries, the Eye-One Pro is included in four various packages including: •Eye-One Design •Eye-One Photo •Eye-One Proof •Eye-One XT Availability All new and existing Eye-One Pro devices are compatible with Fujifilm’s Proof Director Pro 3.x software. FujiFilm FinalProof GxT combined with Eye-One solutions are available through the Enovation dealer network.