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Quad/Library: Quad's asset management tool

Press release from the issuing company

September 27, 2005 -- If your company doesn't have an asset management solution, it needs one. Asset management is rapidly becoming a must-have technology for storing and sharing large amounts of digital content – content that can be repurposed to generate additional revenue. Quad/Library is Quad/Graphics' asset management "smartool," and it is capable of hosting, archiving and distributing more than 250 file-type formats, including InDesign and Quark page files, PDF files, image files, audio, video and MS Office documents. "With Quad/Library, users can simultaneously distribute content for Print, Web or other channels to immediately meet diverse needs, including marketing, advertising, Web publishing, rights management and e-learning," said Mat Abraham, Quad/Imaging IT Manager and co-developer of Quad/Library. "Quad/Library does it all from a content perspective. It centrally hosts, text indexes, archives, versions, transforms and proofs any type of digital content for clients anywhere in the world." What Are Your Asset Management Needs Publishers: Do you need to make your content available to your production teams For our publishing clients, Quad/ Library centrally stores and manages access to content. This means you can generate additional revenues with your articles and images, including those that did not make it to print, distributing this content globally in a rights-managed platform. Are you a cataloger with numerous product photos to archive and pick up Our catalog clients benefit from Quad/Library's ability to offer long-term archiving of photographs and final page files. Greatly increased data storage capacity enables quick storage and retrieval of huge quantites of data at relatively low cost. Do you need quick access to images during peak production periods with the ability to transform file formats on the fly Quad/Library’s integration of Adobe Graphics Server is what enables clients to transform image files. Images are converted to numerous formats, including PDF, jpeg and GIF, and batch transforms of an entire folder of image files can be accomplished in just seconds. Users can resize images quickly or transform color spaces from RGB to CMYK and vice versa. Color pro-files can be attached to transformations on demand, improving color management functionality.