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1,000 Print Providers Worldwide are using Agfa's :Sublima XM Screening

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, Ill (Print '05 – Booth #7900) – September 9, 2005 – Agfa announced today that over 1,000 customers around the world are using Agfa's advanced :Sublima XM screening solution. Additionally, other segments of the printing industry can now benefit from Agfa's award-winning screening technology. :Sublima, the cross modulated screening solution, has been added into Agfa's workflow, :ApogeeX. :Sublima has also been expanded to third party CtP engines and it's capabilities have been increased on Agfa's :Galileo platesetters. :Sublima extended to :ApogeeX. :Sublima has now been extended in :ApogeeX rendering solutions. Customers who purchase certain solutions within the :ApogeeX family will also get a base version of :Sublima (200 lpi), helping them to raise the quality of their output with no changes on press. :Sublima for Third Party CtP Engines. Printing solution providers who run :Agfa's :ApogeeX workflow, but don't necessarily have an Agfa platesetter, may also be able to benefit from the advanced :Sublima screening solution. Originally launched as an Agfa-only solution, :Sublima screening can now be used on many CtP devices, giving print providers the ability to offer their customers near photo print quality with no extra effort on press. Among the systems qualified to use :ApogeeX and :Sublima are those from Screen, Creo (Kodak), and Esko-Graphics. "Our implementation was really easy, as simple as setting up the curves. The production staff noticed the improvement in output quality and were very pleased with the results," said Paul Annan, president, Annan Digital, Toronto, ON (Canada). "Our customers also see a real difference and tell me the screens look so much smoother. They love the detail that we are able to provide using :Sublima." "We have had many installations running various CtP devices tell us of the excellent output they are getting thanks to the combination of Agfa's :ApogeeX and :Sublima," said Agfa's Deborah Hutcheson, senior marketing manager, Digital Solutions, North America. "I had visited with many customers in the past who have told me that they wish they could run :Sublima on their non-Agfa CtP device. Now with new advancements in :ApogeeX, they can do precisely that." Increased :Sublima Functionality on :Galileo. Of course, :Sublima already works extremely well with Agfa's own CtP engines, including :Acento, :Palladio, :Advantage, :Polaris, the new :Avalons and the :Xcalibur systems. :Sublima has also been expanded to include lower and faster resolutions for the :Galileo 8-up platesetters. :Sublima now gives :Galileo users the ability to image 255 lpi at 1800 and 170 lpi at 1200 dpi. :Sublima has also been expanded to offer screen sets specifically designed to meet the demands of high-speed heat-set web environments. "With traditional AM screens, in order to image at higher frequencies, one generally had to image at 2400 dpi. Now, :Sublima screening and the :Galileo are optimized to deliver higher fidelity, faster throughput and easier performance on press, making users more productive," said Agfa's Steve Musselman, senior manager for the Market Development of Digital Solutions and Emerging Technologies, North America. "Web printers have had difficulty holding the smaller dots of traditional FM screens. :Sublima now has screen sets where the dot is slightly larger – 28 or 31 microns – so the small XM dot in the highlights is not lost in the weave of the paper, or throughout the course of a long run. This avoids costly down-time due to plate remakes. :Sublima also offers higher quality for the heat-set web printer, without the usual overhead suffered with traditional FM screens."