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CGS Introduces ORIS PearlPROOF Family of Precision Proofing Papers

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago (September 10, 2005) -- CGS Publishing Technologies International has again demonstrated leadership in the development of reliable proofing media, with the Print 05 introduction of the PearlPROOF brand, a new family of inkjet proofing papers. Designed to emulate three of the most common printing stocks, PearlPROOF Super, Commercial and Publication contain no optical brighteners – which are common in most inkjet media, and which often cause perceptual variations under different lighting conditions, or metamerism. The new papers will decrease these variations, resulting in a proof that remains color accurate even when viewed in non-standard lighting conditions. “Many people don't realize the significance of optical brighteners in proofing,” said CGS' Director of Technology, Bruce Brown. “When viewed under different lighting conditions, proofs on paper with optical brighteners can show more color variance. It also means that measurement devices may miss-read the color, making a 'by the numbers' approach impractical. The PearlPROOF family removes this problem, creating a much more reliable, robust proof.” The PearlPROOF development process included feedback from major publishers, printing companies and industry organizations. Final L*a*b values of the three paper types (figure 1) reflect the characteristics of common printing stocks, from high-luminance white paper preferred by agencies to a more yellow stock used in web offset publications. PAPER TYPE EMULATES L a b PearlPROOF Super #1 sheet 95.3 +0.5 –0.8 PearlPROOF Commercial #3 sheet 92.4 +0.0 +0.4 PearlPROOF Publication #5 sheet 90.1 +0.2 +3.6 Figure 1 Current FOGRA, SWOP and GRACoL specifications were also taken into account. All three types of paper are available now, for A3+ (13x19 inch) and wide-format (up to 44-inch) inkjet devices.