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printnet Commercial equips web press facilities to take full advantage of CIM

Press release from the issuing company

McCormick Place, Chicago - Commercial web press facilities can now connect with all of the automated advantages of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), thanks to the introduction of printnet Commercial. The digital networking and workflow automation system will be demonstrated continually at the MAN Roland exhibit - #1245. Developed by the MAN Roland software group ppi Media, printnet Commercial consists of several interconnecting modules designed to carry a print job from scheduling to completion and analysis. The system minimizes the need for operator intervention throughout the print production stream to save printers time and maximize the use of their resources. The printnet Commercial components that will be demonstrated at PRINT 05 encompass a full range of productivity tools: jobstart creates optimized JDF job tickets automatically from data imported from an MIS or entered directly into the module. Each resulting job ticket includes descriptions of all of the workflow steps in a job. The result: Errors caused by the need to re-enter job parameters at each phase of production are eliminated. printnet Commercial's jobplan planning module incorporates all of a facility's production resources in a central database along with arrival dates, completion deadlines and buffer ranges. Using the live data, jobplan calculates the optimum schedule for each job and automatically assigns all of the necessary resources and events, including start and end times. The results are sent to the jobperform module for action. They also can be monitored on an electronic planning screen that can be accessed via any networked computer. The JDF production plan created by jobstart and jobplan is carried out automatically by jobperform. It interactively triggers activity in each production area - prepress, press and finishing. Using the planning screen, changes can be made on the fly to accommodate unforeseen contingencies, such as rush jobs or equipment changes. printnet Commercial's jobtrack displays the current status of each job to ensure bottlenecks don't restrict productivity. To provide an optimum perspective of production progress, job track screen views can be customized to match the specific needs of any facility. These screens can be accessed via the internet/intranet using any browser-based computer. jobreport provides a detailed analysis of every action in all areas of production. It uses graphic reporting tools to visualize the statistics, so they can be quickly understood and acted upon. Reports can be automatically forwarded and transmitted on a time- and event-driven basis, creating an automated reporting system that suggest ways to speed production and cut costs. Commercial web press facilities can establish their printnet Commercial system with just a module or two, then connect more automated elements as their crews become familiar with printnet performance. The system will be demonstrated on two simulators at the MAN Roland exhibit. One will connect the program to a printnet PECOM press operating and automation system. And the second will focus exclusively on the capabilities of the various printnet Commercial modules, allowing showgoers to simulate the planning, production and analysis of their dream jobs. Additional details about printnet Commercial, which is compatible with all digitally controlled web presses, can be obtained from MAN Roland at www.manroland.com and 1.800.700.2344