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Impostrip Proof: the First Real Digital Blueline Imposition Proofing Software

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, August 31, 2005 Ultimate Technographics Inc, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is pleased to announce the immediate release of Impostrip Proof at Print 05 in Chicago. Impostrip Proof is the first software to take a complete job defined in any imposition software, which supports JDF, for production of printing plates and output it as a duplex proof on any laser printer. Impostrip Proof produces a digital blue line for customer approval of the imposition. “In the days of film,” David Watson, President and CEO of Ultimate, explains, “printers contacted blues of the imposed film flats on Dylux and folded them, cut them and presented them to the customer to approve. With the CTP era, many printers use wide format inkjets to output a proof, back them up, fold them and cut them to produce a kind of digital blue line. Impostrip Proof takes the folding and cutting information from the imposition template to produce on a duplex laser printer a two up proof that is an exact match to the imposition. The value of this is that it is much less expensive to produce then inkjet proofs and saves a great deal of time.” Impostrip Proof is not a simple reader’s spread produced from the same file; it is the actual proof of the imposition geometry of the plate made for CTP. If the imposition is done incorrectly, if a page is in the wrong location, or if it is improperly rotated, it will be printed that way on the Impostrip Proof output, or it will prompt the user there is a mistake and ask if he wants to print it anyway. “Printers should be careful not to confuse the options in imposition proofing, “Watson explains. “There are a number of products that are really only producing reader’s spreads from the same files, but are not actually proofing the imposition data in the job before it goes to plate. Impostrip Proof is the only software that actually recreates the actual process of doing a blue line. We take the plate data and do a virtual fold and cut to get an exact electronic replica of what a printer would get doing a conventional blue line. This is an imposition proof that customers can sign off and know their job will be printed correctly. A printer takes a lot of risk if he shows the customer a readers spread of the pages that only proves he has all the pages, not that they are imposed correctly.” Impostrip Proof saves time and money compared to using large format ink jet printers for imposition proofing. Customer experience has shown that a 16 page signature, with two 8 page flats, can cost $2 to $4 to output on an inkjet and take 20 to 40 minutes. With Impostrip Proof the 16 page signature can be output to a duplexing color laser for a cost around $0.50 to $1 and a time of 2 minutes, depending on printer used. Impostrip Proof: •Takes imposed Signatures and simulates folding and cutting to produce a 2 up-imposed proofs (duplex). •Takes jobs from Impostrip, Ultimate’s imposition software. •Takes and proofs JDF imposition from other vendors, populated or unpopulated JDF. •Proofs Signatures using the original imposition, printing pages of each signature in a 2-up form. •Option to analyze all Signatures, simulates folding and cutting and create 2-up Signatures for the whole imposed job. •Prints 2 ups based on whole job, printing as a Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitch or a combination of both (repeating booklets) for easy assembly of proofs. •2-up forms (duplex) can be viewed on screen before printing. •Possibility to print ranges of 2-up forms or all forms at once. •Option to outline pages to better proof page registration. •Printing can be directed to file or an output device. •Can be sent to Acrobat to produce PDF output that can be emailed to a customer. •Can output JDF back to a workflow system that will populate the JDF and manage output to a printer. •Can work with placement pages from a workflow and be sent back to that workflow for high res file replacement and to manage output. •Option to print forms with page content in the imposition or as a mock-up (numbering and layout). •Option to scale to fit to the printer paper size used printing 2 pages per sheet side. •Proofing process can be automated with hot folders. •Light version supports sheetfed and single web impositions, using perfect bound or saddle stitch collating methods. •Full version supports sheetfed and web impositions, using perfect bound saddle stitch, coming and going, sectionals and repeating booklet collating methods. Support for multiple webs and fractional webs. Impostrip Proof can be seen in the Ultimate booth at Print 05, 6225.