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Xeikon Print Protector wins the 2005 PIA/GATF InterTechTM Technology Award

Press release from the issuing company

Sewickley, PA & Itasca, IL, August 11, 2005 – The Xeikon Print Protector has won the prestigious PIA/GATF InterTech (TM) Technology Award of 2005. The Xeikon Print Protector enables digitally printed documents to be finished and handled swiftly as an in-line option for all Xeikon presses or in an off-line sheet or roll-fed operation. It applies a water/wax/silicone oil emulsion on both sides of the digital print. This emulsion dries immediately and forms an invisible protective layer that makes all Xeikon printed documents stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use, while keeping the colors bright and accurate. As a result, the documents remain in perfect condition for a much longer time and the image damage caused by the mail sorting systems is eliminated. Moreover, the protective coating significantly reduces the build-up of static charges. "I've been waiting for digital inline coating for seven years," said one of the award judges. According to Kristof Vereenooghe, President and CEO of Punch Graphix Americas, "The Xeikon Print Protector is the first implementation of a non-UV, in-line coating unit that leverages low cost supplies and easy operation to eliminate finishing and mail-processing issues for digital prints. We are extremely happy to have received this prestigious recognition from PIA/ GATF." The Xeikon Print Protector coating application is ultra-thin and adjustable by the operator. The applicator provides only enough mixture so that the water re-humidifies the substrate while the wax and silicone remain on the surface of the substrate in such a small layer that it remains invisible. This friction-reducing layer on top of the toner reduces mechanical abrasion to the toner during processing through automated paper handling devices. Furthermore, the coating layer is so thin that it dries instantly. Consequently, the coated product is dry to the touch after processing and can continue into other finishing operations without the need for drying processes or time delays. About the PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Awards —— Inaugurated in 1978 to foster awareness and understanding of advanced graphic arts technology; PIA/GATF's InterTech Award honors excellence in innovative technology for the graphic communications industry. The nomination criteria stipulate that the technology be recently developed but out of beta and be proven in industrial application, but not yet in widespread use. The technology must also be expected to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry over the next five years. Over 80% of past recipients have gone on to commercial success in the marketplace. PIA/GATF sponsors the award as a service to the graphic communications industry, and the organization coordinates the award process but does not select the recipients. InterTech Technology Award recipients are chosen by an independent, anonymous panel of judges. The judges, distinguished within the industry, all have demonstrated experience in evaluating or commissioning new products or technologies, plus expertise in pre-media work, printing, binding and finishing, and related software and services. The judges review each nomination thoroughly.