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Heidelberg Targets Four-Up Prepress, Print Market With New Saphira Proofing Paper For Hp Printers

Press release from the issuing company

KENNESAW, Ga., July 19, 2005 – Heidelberg USA announced today it has launched Saphira Proofing Paper – Premium Semi Matte, a new contract proofing paper developed specifically for the HP 130 and HP 30 printers. The new proofing paper caters to four-up computer-to-plate and print equipment, which is currently the largest growing prepress market in the industry. The industry has accepted a term called “delta E” to quantify and measure color changes during the proofing cycle. A delta E of one or less is defined as the smallest color shift that can be detected in proper viewing conditions by an independent observer. The new Saphira Proofing Paper from Heidelberg is certified to have an average delta E measurement of less than one. Heidelberg, which has a long tradition of award-winning results for color matching of the contract proof to the press, launched the HP 5000/5500 printer in 2001 as an essential part of the company’s offerings for proofing solutions. The HP 130/30 printer is Heidelberg’s latest addition in this family of printers. By matching the proof to the press, users minimize makeready and waste because the proofing cycle is accelerated. “With the launch of the HP 130 as part of our contract proofing solutions, Heidelberg has added the Saphira Proofing Paper to specifically match the characteristics of the equipment,” said Richard Boggess, director of consumables for Heidelberg. “We expect this new product to exceed the success we achieved in color matching and stability with our award-winning HP 5000/5500 solution.” With the evolution of film processing to computer-to-plate technology, contract proofing is dominated now by Drop on Demand (DOD) ink jet technology. Proofing paper plays a critical role in achieving maximum results when using this high-end contract proofing method. Matched paper - an essential link in the color matching system consisting of the workflow software, profiling software, printer engine, print head technology and ink - provides an affordable, consistent and high-quality contract proof. “Heidelberg offers integrated prepress solutions that teach customers how to produce and maintain their own ICC profiles for ink jet proofers,” said Ray Cassino, director of prepress product management for Heidelberg. “The benefits of matching the proof to the press are invaluable. It’s only natural that we develop complementary paper for each proofing device to match the target press sheet.”