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Pantone Unveils New PANTONE Essentials and 2005 4-Color Process Guide

Press release from the issuing company

CARLSTADT, N.J.--July 18, 2005-- Pantone, Inc., the leading provider of professional color standards for design industries worldwide for over 40 years, today announced a redesigned edition of PANTONE essentials, formerly known as the Ultimate Survival Kit. PANTONE essentials is the result of a year-long effort to update the PANTONE Library of color reference guides to be more in line with today's print and publishing workflows. In conjunction with this announcement, Pantone also released the newly redesigned PANTONE 4-color process guide. PANTONE essentials is an easy and economical way to acquire the collection of core PANTONE guides for solid (spot) and process (CMYK) colors, as well as the best way to determine how solid colors will print when specified in CMYK with the PANTONE color bridge(TM) guide. The PANTONE 4-color process guide, the spot color alternative, displays over 3,000 chromatically arranged CMYK color combinations, complete with screen tint percentages to enable accurate color reproduction. The 2005 process guide features significant usability enhancements and is nearly 25 percent longer to display twice the number of colors per page. This reduces the guide's bulk by almost half, making it lighter and easier to handle. "With the release of the 2005 PANTONE 4-color process guide, we are issuing the redesigned PANTONE essentials bundle -- the best and most cost effective way to get the core PANTONE Tools," said Doris Brown, vice president of marketing at Pantone. "PANTONE essentials includes all the tools designers need to evaluate color choices and serves as a convenient and portable color reference library that is perfect to take to client presentations and on press runs." PANTONE essentials The PANTONE essentials kit gives designers and printers the tools needed to identify and communicate color options for use on press runs to ensure accurate color reproduction. PANTONE essentials includes six products: the PANTONE formula guide (coated, uncoated and matte), the PANTONE 4-color process guide (uncoated and coated), and the PANTONE color bridge guide (coated). Together, the set includes 1,114 solid PANTONE Colors in the PANTONE formula guide, over 3,000 chromatically arranged CMYK color combinations in the PANTONE 4-color process guide and 1,089 PANTONE Colors alongside their closest four-color process match in PANTONE color bridge -- for more than 5,000 color effects. All six guides come packaged in a convenient, protective carrying case. PANTONE 4-color process guide The 4-color process guide lets customers printing in four-color process select colors from actual printed CMYK samples on coated or uncoated stock. This guide is an ideal way to visualize, communicate and control colors for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphics treatments. The guide also provides the screen tint percentages to create the colors in desktop applications. In addition to showing cyan, magenta, yellow and black printed at 100 percent, each of the four primary colors is shown printed at 25 percent, 50 percent and 75 percent. The 2005 4-color process guide (coated) is printed on brighter, whiter paper to reflect the paper most commonly specified by designers today. The stock is also more durable, which protects the guide when used in the field to accompany professionals to client presentations or on press runs. Pricing and Availability The PANTONE 4-color process guide is available immediately for $99. PANTONE essentials is also available immediately at a value price of $299.