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Heidelberg To Feature Big Solutions For Small Printers At Print 05

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KENNESAW, Ga., July 11, 2005 – Heidelberg will demonstrate its commitment to small printers at PRINT ’05 with quick print solutions that are designed to save printers time and money and provide them with a secure investment for the future. Prominently displayed at the front of Heidelberg’s booth #1200, Heidelberg’s Quick Print Solutions area will include a wide range of offerings, from prepress to press and postpress, designed specifically for the small printer. “Solutions for the small printer are at the core of Heidelberg’s business and an important focus area for us,” said Joerg Daehnhardt, Heidelberg product management, small format. “Heidelberg understands the needs of today’s small printers and is committed to continuing to develop solutions that are applicable and affordable to meet these needs.” Heidelberg’s range of Quick Print Solutions offerings have one thing in common: all are configured to handle the short and shortest runs of a variety of small print shops in a cost-effective format. Easy to install and operate, these prepress, press and postpress machines are equipped with the latest technologies and features to increase productivity in the shop. With benefits such as reduced makeready and increased efficiency from automation, small printers gain peace of mind from knowing that jobs are running at maximum capability for improved customer satisfaction. Among the Quick Print Solutions that Heidelberg will feature at PRINT ’05 are the following: Prepress Solutions: - Quicksetter 300E – The perfect complement to a small format or landscape press, the Quicksetter 300E can image paper, film and polyester plates. Its innovative virtual drum technology allows for a 10-micron spot size and 0.0005 repeatability, ensuring accurate registration for multi-color jobs. Simple in design and compact, the integrated plate processor requires low maintenance and is extremely reliable. The Quicksetter 300E is configured with Heidelberg’s state-of-the-art RIP MetaDimension, an Adobe-based PostScript Level 3 workflow solution utilizing the Adobe Portable Job Ticket to provide increased automation in the workflow. MetaDimension offers top-quality color managed proofing, trapping and screening technology and produces up to 12 Quickmaster 46 plates per hour at 2400 dpi. The Quicksetter also images directly into Heidelberg Cristala polyester printing plates, providing time and cost savings. This machine will be bundled with a Printmaster QM 46 for display at PRINT. Press Solutions: - Quickmaster DI ProSpot – The Quickmaster DI with new ProSpot technology offers high print quality coupled with the ability to handle short print runs cost-effectively. These features enable users to tap into new customer potential and create distinct competitive advantages for their business. In production mode, the Quickmaster DI ProSpot reaches a speed of up to 10,000 sheets per hour. Short runs of up to 500 sheets are completed in less than 20 minutes, including makeready. Digital data from the RIP is used to directly image the plates on the press, and production is streamlined by the automatic plate changing and makeready process and a high-performance stream feeder. A Quickmaster DI ProSpot and a MetaDimension RIP and Remote Service will be on display at PRINT ’05 in Heidelberg’s Quick Print Solutions Center. - Printmaster PM 52-5-P – Representing the ideal route to growth for small- and medium-sized businesses that produce a wide range of commercial print jobs, the Printmaster PM 52 handles a broad spectrum of jobs and stocks. Proven features include the SM 52-like suction tape feeder, Alcolor continuous dampening system, high-volume inking unit and EasyPlate plate clamping system for fast plate changing. A new automatic inking unit wash-up device further expands the capabilities of this press. The Heidelberg booth will feature a five-color Printmaster PM 52 with fully automated perfector. In addition, a Printmaster PM 52 two-color press will be running in the Carlson Craft booth. - Printmaster QM 46 – The Printmaster QM 46 is ideally suited for small-format offset printing. This press is designed to help printers handle more jobs while coping with shorter runs. The press’ high degree of automation and features such as Autoplate, an automatic blanket wash-up device and new SuperBlue delivery drum deliver increased productivity. Classical small-format items with special colors can be printed in high quality to meet even the most demanding customer expectations. For one- or two-color commercial jobs that have to be turned around in minimum time, the Printmaster QM 46 provides ideal conditions for ensuring outstanding print quality, from business cards to A3 (20-inch) posters. - Printmaster QM 46 with Plus Drive – When upgraded to a Plus drive, the Printmaster QM 46 can be used for longitudinal perforating and also can be equipped with a numbering unit, allowing users to take advantage of many additional features. With numbering capabilities from straight and convex numbering heads, the numbering unit allows users to place up to 32 straight numbering boxes and 16 convex numbering boxes. The switching of the numbering boxes can be preset from the operation panel, enabling users to print more than just one sheet with the same number and allowing for applications such as forms, invoices, vouchers or lottery tickets. In addition, the numbering unit features its own inking unit, enabling MICR printing for checks. All of these features make the Printmaster QM 46 with Plus drive very user-friendly. In addition, as most of the makeready occurs outside of the press, the Printmaster QM 46 reduces makeready and increases productivity. Postpress Solutions: - POLAR 66 – The mainstay of smaller shops, the POLAR 66 is a programmable, easy-to-operate cutter designed for quick printers, copy shops and commercial print shops. With its convenient operation and long service life, the POLAR 66 is ideal for producing small printer material. The cutting precision of the POLAR 66 is optimized by the direct precision measuring system and the sturdy construction of the machine. The positioning system has a pulse generator, specially developed for POLAR, which is positioned directly on the lead screw (without the need for intermediate elements). This design eliminates all measurement deviations that might otherwise be caused by the transmission elements. The machine is part of the POLAR family of cutting systems, which increasingly automate the entire production cycle. - POLAR 78X – Slightly larger than the POLAR 66, the POLAR 78X is a high-speed cutter for four-up formats, which cuts almost any kind of material up to 30 and one-half inches. Employed in many different industries, the POLAR 78X cuts material up to a cutting width of 78 cm quickly and safely. Among the materials that can be cut on the POLAR 78X are paper, cardstock, paperboard and plastic foil. The machine is easy to operate, rapidly re-equipped and highly efficient, even when working with large quantities. Even reams with diagonals above 78 cm (a maximum sheet length of 78 cm) can be turned on the extended front tables. The POLAR 78X can be combined with peripheral equipments (stack lift, automatic jogger) to ease workload and increase quality. - Stahlfolder USA B 20/4/4 – A highly versatile and economical folder for the quick printer and commercial printer, the Stahlfolder USA B 20/4/4 is the fastest folder to set up and changeover in the 20-inch sheet size. Designed to accommodate short runs and quick change-overs, the folder allows printers to incorporate quality finishing functions, such as scoring, gluing, perfecting and trimming. The Stahlfolder USA B 20/4/4 is equipped with four zero makeready buckle plates in each section, two slitting blades, two scoring blades and four perforating blades. All USA B 20 folders are designed with the state-of-the-art DCT 500 control system, which features makeready functions that consist of self-learning modes. On the continuous feed model, a pile forward button lets the operator advance the pile easily. The pile also can transport backwards, enabling easy set up and fast changeovers. - Stahlfolder TA 52/6/4 – Ideal for short quick printing runs, variable imaging and commercial printing applications, the Stahlfolder TA 52/6/4 is a fully-automated folder. Quick, accurate and extremely quiet, the Stahlfolder TA 52/6/4 reduces makeready and increases productivity while maintaining excellent fold quality. Standard features include automated side guide settings, automated fold roller settings and buckle plate settings in all stations. The Stahlfolder TA 52/6/4 also is equipped with the Stahlfolder extra-grip fold rollers to maintain fold quality. This folder will be shown for the first time in the U.S. at PRINT ’05. - Stitchmaster ST 90 Six pocket with cover folder feeder – An entry-level saddlestitcher, the Stitchmaster ST 90 is the ideal solution for quick printers, commercial printers and trade binderies specializing in short and medium sized runs. The modular concept of the machine allows users to configure the saddlestitcher to suit their specific needs. The machine can be configured with up to eight vertical pockets and a cover folder feeder or a maximum of 10 vertical pockets. The vertical feeder allows operators to load a greater volume of signatures in the hopper and reduces manning requirements. The Stitchmaster ST 90 that will be displayed at PRINT ’05 will be equipped with a modular cover folder feeder, which processes covers on their edges to maximize capacity and minimize the potential for marking. In addition, incorporating a cover feeder eliminates the need for a separate folding operation before the gathering stage, further reducing makeready and increasing efficiency. For more information on Heidelberg’s Quick Print Solutions, stop by the Heidelberg booth at PRINT ’05 or visit www.us.heidelberg.com/hd/print05, a special microsite scheduled to go live later this month.