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Oce introduces Oce VarioPrint 5140

Press release from the issuing company

May 27, 2005 -- Building on the highly decorated Océ VarioPrint 5115 and 5160, Oce today announced the introduction of the Océ VarioPrint 5140. The high-end production printing system series features up to 139 pages per minute and is designed to handle the most demanding work-loads. The Océ VarioPrint 5140 is targeted at corporate data centres and commercial print providers with monthly print volumes between 800k and 1.5m. It completes the Océ VarioPrint 5000 product series. Unexcelled flexibility The Océ VarioPrint 5140 is developed to serve the most demanding envi-ronments regarding paper handling, media formats and data variety. With a total paper input capacity of 15,600 sheets from 12 paper input trays or an optional roll-feeder for approximately 60,000 sheets (A4) the system is ideal for long productive print runs. All paper input trays are separately adressable and can hold paper stocks from 60 up to 200 gsm in paper formats up to A3+. Océ VarioPrint 5140 provides a printing resolution up to 600 dpi and supports the native data input formats IPDS and PCL5e. With the optional interposer, pre-printed stocks can be inserted into docu-ments without being fused. This opens new opportunities for productive printing of complete document sets. A variety of applications With the unique Océ CustomTone highlight colour concept, the Océ VarioPrint 5140 meets customers’ demands for increased perception and response rates of their documents. The system offers the QCDS (Quick Change Developer Station) technology. By simply changing the developer station, customers can print their full range of documents on one printer. Either with standard black toner, with Océ CustomTone for highlight colour or custom colours - or MICR toner for automatic magnetic ink check print-ing. The Océ VarioPrint 5140 can also be used for business critical applica-tions where 100% integrity is needed. Optional build-in camera systems and optical sensors ensure the integrity of each document and track the output. So the Océ VarioPrint 5140 is an excellent choice for customers producing e.g. statements, bills, invoices or lottery tickets. Enhanced Productivity “Real productivity is the sum of all printer and workflow software character-istics. With the highly decorated PRISMA software the Océ VarioPrint 5140 is a real boost of productivity for customers’ printing needs”, says Helmut Simon, International Product Manager for the Océ VarioPrint 5140. Océ PRISMA is the leading printing workflow solution at the market. Start-ing from document creation through job distribution up to finishing, the modular software PRISMAproduction offers almost unlimited possibilities in workflow automation and tight process control for the complete work-flow. Protection of Investment - Modularity and Scalability “Customers today want to be sure that their production printing system is able to grow with their future demands”, Simon says. Depending on their applications, customers can easily upgrade the Océ VarioPrint 5140. Tak-ing PRISMA for instance, customers can decide upon any module to be added. Thus it can be seamlessly integrated into existing customer work-flows. Of course also the Océ VarioPrint 5140 itself can be upgraded to customers’ requirements. With the integration of UP3I, all finishing options like high capacity stackers, stitcher, bookletmaker etc. can be linked to the system. And UP3I takes care of waterproof process control and error re-covery for 100% production integrity. Part of the Océ VarioPrint product line The Océ VarioPrint 5140 is part of the Océ VarioPrint product line which includes the Océ VarioPrint 5115, 5140 and 5160 systems. Océ has de-signed the Océ VarioPrint line to produce documents more effectively in today's variable world, with its omnipresent networks and mixed data sources: mainframes, minicomputers, client-servers, etc. The robust Océ VarioPrint systems help people get their vital information on and off the Information Highway, both by accepting data from a variety of sources (variable input), and by putting this information onto paper or scanning it to file (variable output). Further informations and technical details about the Océ VarioPrint 5140 are available under www.oce.com.