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Germany's First Kodak Digimaster E150 With Bindomatic 301 DFS Inline Finishing Solution Installed

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 24, 2005 – Gelsenkirchen Municipal Data Center Emscher-Lippe (gkd-el) has acquired Germany's first KODAK DIGIMASTER E150 digital production system along with the BINDOMATIC 301 DFS inline finishing solution for perfect binding. NexPress and Bindomatic were selected following a Europe-wide competitive bidding process. The acquisitions consist of the KODAK DIGIMASTER E150 system with one paper supply module, an integrated stapler and the BINDOMATIC 301 DFS, as well as another KODAK DIGIMASTER 9110 digital production system with two paper supply modules and integrated finisher. The new equipment was installed in early December 2004 and has replaced gkd-el's existing digital printing systems. Bernd Hüther, head of gkd-el’s technical department, explains the demanding criteria for the new installation. “The digital printing systems should have the capability to handle 1.2 million pages per month, with peak periods of up to 1.5 million pages per month. Our heaviest workload is generally the last week of the month, so the minimum print speed had to be at least 135 and 100 pages per minute. We also needed inline finishing of the print products.” Another requirement was that the existing software environment, consisting of a UNIX DP server and DIGIPATH connection, had to be retained. “Additionally as we have limited space, the new production systems could only be 3.90 and 3.60 meters long.” concludes Mr. Hüther. The NEXPRESS technology readily addressed each prerequisite and was the winner of the rigorous selection process. The DIGIMASTER E150 system produces up to 150 pages per minute and prints paperweights ranging up to 266 gsm. Print formats can be variably selected up to size 364x470 mm. The basic E150 configuration includes six paper drawers for 8,000 sheets. In contrast, the DIGIMASTER 9110 system prints up to 110 pages per minute. It accepts paperweights up to 200 gsm and supports 17 paper formats. Users can additionally define up to eight special formats. The standard 9110 system is equipped with three paper drawers for 4,000 sheets. gkd-el chose to have two paper supply modules for a total capacity of 8,000 sheets. Recycled paper is used exclusively in both systems. “Thanks to the new systems, we've increased our output by 13 percent and can reduce a two-shift operation by one hour,” says Bernd Hüther. “The systems also have very stable operation and we have fewer paper jams than before.” The BINDOMATIC 301 DFS provides an ideal complementary technology, producing perfect bindings of high quality and at a high rate of speed. Bindings including a maximum of 120 pages (80g/m2) are available in various thicknesses: 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 13 millimeters and facilitate transparent front and back covers that are very durable. gkd-el has the option of operating the binding system offline as well. The new installation has become a technology showcase at the Gelsenkirchen municipal facility and is attracting a lot of attention. “Word must be getting around the city offices, because we're receiving more and more inquiries on the subject,” concludes Bernd Hüther. “We're very pleased with the performance and reliability of the KODAK DIGIMASTER digital production systems, and so far the results have been quite positive.”